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It’s Friday which means we are officially on weekend mode!!

As an avid shopper, I love seeing new trends each season and the ever changing dynamic of the clothing industry. I find it so fun when a decade of style comes back into the limelight.

Trending now, the 70’s vibe is back in business. From suede, to shiny pleather booties, touches of velvet and even the beloved bell bottom, I’d say this is a season of LOVE and this girl can’t get enough!

Therefore, today I felt it was necessary to share with you the must haves for this season and what you will be seeing a lot of this fall.

Bell sleeves everywhere, and I mean everywhere! This is a trend shown, not only in bottoms but is highly demanded this season in tops and sweaters. Chenille is also such a soft and cozy fabric shown in bell sweaters and also dresses that I am literally obsessed with. Perfect for holiday parties and special occasions, this combination does not disappoint.  Below are a few favorites, I am currently eyeing.

Embellished denim is another big trend this fall! From embroidery to full on paint, this is also something to look for while shopping for your favorite jeans. Black and white skinnies (even after Labor Day) bell bottoms and flare cropped denim/pants are all super popular and will make a statement anywhere you go! Not to mention, someone who is 5’4 is pretty excited about the cropped trend, as I may not have to tailor the length on them for once. It’s a win, win!

Touches of velvet. Mules and booties are quickly becoming my favorite trends to date! If you know me, you know I love shoes and handbags so this is right up my alley. Mules are the perfect mom shoe in my opinion because I can RUN and chase around my 3 year old, yet still look stylish and put together. Booties are definitely a close second, then when velvet is added, (insert all the heart eyes) I am sold! I love to add my OTK velvet boots and floral velvet booties to add just the right touch to a fall/winter inspired outfit and complete the look. Velvet doesn’t have to only be incorporated into shoes, it is also the perfect accessory in a hat or a cute tee. I am loving this trend and think it will be such a pretty statement going into the holidays.

Skirts, Skirts, Skirts! Talking corduroy, pleated, to suede and leather, this is a trend I am so excited to see. A statement with a feminine touch yet with so much versatility. Skirts can be worn dressed up for church or work, then you add a rocker tee, bootie, and cardigan and have a completely different ensemble. I personally love a great mini with an oversized sweater and my favorite velvet booties. So dust off your old skirts that have been hiding in the closet and create your own masterpiece! They’re back, friends!!

There is so much goodness in this fall season! Remember these stylish trends the next time you’re out shopping and stay inspired, sweet friends!





Peace & Love,


Sunday Blessings

Sunday Blessings

I love Sundays.

Waking up to my sweet family, praising Jesus in church, lunch (usually at Abuelo’s) it’s becoming our little tradition, and just preparing for a new week, is simply the best. Sunday is a day of rest for us and in my mind has always been looked at as a new, and fresh start. I especially love Sundays in the fall, just because, in my opinion, fashion is so much better in this season. Styling our outfits for church is definitely something I look forward to most. I know God doesn’t care what we look like, and loves us regardless, but it sure feels good to dress up for him each week!

Having Corbin has made it even more fun for me. Since putting together outfits is something I have always loved, you can imagine my excitement in getting to dress up my little boy in cute suspenders and little bow ties. I hope he continues to allow me to dress him up for years to come, unlikely but I’ll milk it as long as it lasts!

Speaking of cute bowties and suspenders, this boy just melts my heart! How sweet is his outfit, y’all?  And this dress is so good! It’s olive, which I see becoming a quick trend in my closet (in this season especially) and is versatile in that it pairs so well with booties in a more casual setting or can be dressed up with a cute pump for work. Also, lets talk about this cross body that I am more than a little obsessed with! Metallic anything is #goals and this bag just adds a little sass to every outfit. Jeans, dresses, shoot even a basic tee; it simply transforms and adds a little something extra! Plus its such a great size for holding all the essentials, yet won’t break your back, like most bags I tend to carry!

With that, it’s time to soak up the rest of our Sunday; with a pot of chili on the stove, my “leaves” candle burning and football on tv, I can’t think of a better way to end the weekend!

Wishing you all a happy and blessed Sunday, sweet friends!





Dress: (here) Booties: (here) Cross-body: (here)

Corbin’s Jeans: (here) Corbin’s Shirt: (here)

Corbin’s Sneaker/Boots: (here) Corbin’s Bow Tie: (here)


Photography by: Suzy Taylor

Good Vibes

Good Vibes

It’s finally Friday, friends!! Yay! I don’t know about you, but there didn’t seem to be enough coffee in all the land this week! I am ready for a little time to relax and soak up my lovies all weekend!

Now, for some #momlife truth! This ones a little longer than most, so bear with me.

I’m primarily a SAHM and with that comes so much joy, I can’t even begin to describe, then on the other hand can be a little overwhelming and consuming at times. I don’t care if you have one child or five, the chances that you’ve gone through a phase of feeling like you just aren’t enough or like your entire purpose on this earth was to be used as a feeding device, or to be told “daddy is my favorite,” haha I get this one a lot, rings pretty true. I am here to tell you otherwise and assure you aren’t alone!

Y’all, I used to be that sort of judgy girl, particularly in instances where I thought, that will never be me. Like, “my kid will behave and be pleasant at a restaurant (jokes on me) and he won’t EVER eat someone else’s ice cream cone remnants off the carpet at Dillard’s.” YEP! I told myself I would never do certain things as a parent. Yet, God has a pretty great sense of humor because, I have done EVERY single one! From co-sleeping beyond infancy, to leaving my entire cart at Target during a meltdown, to crying on birthdays and first days of school (me, not him; he has told me “be brave mommy” when I need to suck it up), to candy for breakfast and maybe a little too much Nick Jr. How much is too much, am I right? You name it, it’s probably happened.

On the other hand, there have been those days where I could literally high five myself for a job well done. From steaming clothes the night before school, waking up early to make his favorite breakfast, then going to the park or spending the day playing and soaking up every minute; just doing the things we love. Quite possibly even having the laundry done and dinner on the table as well. Lots of bedtime snuggles, stories, and prayers. These are the days we tend to document, my friends! The days we get it right!! Typically not the hot mess, like most when you see me dropping off Corbin at school days! Lord, help you all!!

RealIy though, I feel like for the most part, we are all so super hard on ourselves and tend to be our own worst enemy. As mama’s we pour our everything into our families and children so they will grow up to be the most efficient and productive adults possible, and hopefully (I pray) we will have instilled the right values and they will have the heart of a true servant in Christ. Therefore, I have chosen to make an effort to be more intentional in motherhood. To really dig deep on those days I feel less than average, and just be the best I can for him. Sure, there will be days where I completely blow it, yet I pray that Corbin will someday look back and remember all of the fun we had and through the millions of crafts, laughter, and hours at the park will know exactly where my heart was in those moments. They were growing not only him, but also me.

The moral, my friends is perspective and doubt can literally make or break your day, so show yourself some grace and know that you are doing the most amazing and rewarding job in raising your little ones! The days are long but the years are WAY too short, so hold your babies while you can and love them through each stage, no matter how challenging. It’s the simple things in life that are the most important and I am so thankful for another day to be my little boy’s mama.


I am rallying for you and sending you good vibes, always!!




XO- Chelsi

Dress: J. Roberts (website here) Shoes: (here) Clutch: (here)

Photography by Suzy Taylor

Favorite transitional pieces when you live in West Texas

Hello friends!! Fall is in the air, I just can’t quite feel it yet! Ha! Living in West Texas, the weather doesn’t tend to transition until mid October at best but it doesn’t mean your fall wardrobe has to be put on hold. I have always loved this time of year, it’s actually my absolute favorite season for fashion, and finding transitional pieces I can pair with skinnies and flats and then boots when it gets cooler, is key for me.

Lately, I’m not sure if its all of the cute fall trends, pumpkin decor at Home Goods or the fact that Starbucks just released their PSL (pumpkin spice latte) that is making me so ready for the current temps to change and for fall to finally make its debut.  I have been trying to wear flannels and cute transitional pieces, yet by around noon am sweating profusely because its 90 degrees outside. Thankfully, my sweet husband keeps our house at about 60 year round so I like to think he’s looking out for my fall style. I guess I can just continue to wear my cute sweaters and cardigans indoors until further notice.

Here are some cute, and and quite possibly a few less dreadful options for transitioning in the warmer climates. Considering a sweater isn’t happening yet! I can dream, y’all! I have found that keeping it simple is key but then it’s fun to dress up occasionally for a date night or night out with your favorite girls!

Happy shopping, friends!

XO- Chelsi


What’s in a name?

What’s in a name?

Happy Monday! I’m still living in a dream world after the weekend in getting to write and share my heart with you all. Last night I was thinking about how we got here, and it feels surreal, honestly. I know anyone can create a website and put on cute outfits and take photos, but this is sincerely my happy place and I’m so grateful to be able to write my thoughts and post it all in this space.

When I finally started listening to my heart, seems like so long ago as this has been a process for me to say the least, (I’m a tiny bit indecisive) I wanted to create a space where I could share and inspire but also look back and see precious moments of us as a family. A place to document and watch my little boy grow, yet allowing myself to experience the joy of doing something, just for me. Outfit inspiration, accessories and mommy and me were my motivation in moving forward and I felt that I could incorporate Corbin into the mix with all of his cute bow ties!

That’s when Baubles and Bowties Blog was born. It simply encapsulates us. It brings together fashion and fun with motherhood and all things in between. It’s a concept that makes my heart SO happy and a brand I am so proud to stand behind! So here’s to the future of threenager stories, trending fashion and of course, lots of great sales. Thanks for stopping by, loves!

XO- Chelsi

Floral Dress: (here) Booties: (here) Crossbody: (similar here) Earrings: (similar here)

Corbin’s Jeans: (similar here) Corbin’s Sweater: (here) Corbin’s Shirt: (here) Corbin’s Shoes: (here)

Photography by Suzy Taylor

Welcome to my Blog!!!

Welcome to my Blog!!!

Today is the day!!! The Baubles & Bowties Blog launch is in full swing and I am SO excited you’re here! My name is Chelsi and I’m a wife and mama to one darling little boy! For as long as I can remember I have LOVED clothes and had such a passion for anything related to fashion, shoes and accessories. I was always the girl whose closet was raided by girlfriends, who won “Best Dressed” (woohoo) in high school and went on to pursue a degree in fashion in college. Y’all I met my very best friend on the Theta bid day bus because she loved my necklace. Now that’s the start to a life-long friendship! The legacy and love for clothes runs pretty deep, as both my mother and grandmother ran successful clothing stores in my hometown of Roswell, NM. This passion of ours is no joke and I guess you could say it runs in the genes!!

I graduated from Texas Tech University with a Bachelor’s degree and met my handsome, dream boat of a husband in Lubbock, TX where we married after two years of dating and began our life together. In 2014 our sweet Corbin was born and ever since he’s had me wrapped around his little finger. He is our everything and I am so blessed to be his mama! I have LOVED every minute of watching him learn and grow and motherhood is absolutely the most incredible gift I could ever receive!

Owning a boutique or starting a blog has always been on my mind, yet I feel ALL good things happen in God’s timing and after much praying and encouragement from my loved ones, I’ve never been more ready to start such an amazing new chapter. God has been moving in my life and directing my path over this project and I have been fervent in prayer, and after what seems like years, here we are! I am so elated this day has finally come and I can’t wait to share fashion, beauty, mom life, and anything else thats on my heart with you! Family is everything and I am so thankful for mine and for the love of my sweet friends in making this dream a reality. I hope to inspire, and share my passion with you (as well as a few sales) and hope that you’ll continue to follow along on this journey with me and my family!

Cheers to new beginnings!

XO- Chelsi

Dress: (similar here) Booties: (here) Necklace: (here) Clutch: (here)

Corbin’s Blazer: (here) Corbin’s Jeans: (here) Corbin’s Shirt: (here) Corbin’s Shoes: (here) Corbin’s Bow Tie: (similar here)

Photography by Suzy Taylor