Good Vibes

It’s finally Friday, friends!! Yay! I don’t know about you, but there didn’t seem to be enough coffee in all the land this week! I am ready for a little time to relax and soak up my lovies all weekend!

Now, for some #momlife truth! This ones a little longer than most, so bear with me.

I’m primarily a SAHM and with that comes so much joy, I can’t even begin to describe, then on the other hand can be a little overwhelming and consuming at times. I don’t care if you have one child or five, the chances that you’ve gone through a phase of feeling like you just aren’t enough or like your entire purpose on this earth was to be used as a feeding device, or to be told “daddy is my favorite,” haha I get this one a lot, rings pretty true. I am here to tell you otherwise and assure you aren’t alone!

Y’all, I used to be that sort of judgy girl, particularly in instances where I thought, that will never be me. Like, “my kid will behave and be pleasant at a restaurant (jokes on me) and he won’t EVER eat someone else’s ice cream cone remnants off the carpet at Dillard’s.” YEP! I told myself I would never do certain things as a parent. Yet, God has a pretty great sense of humor because, I have done EVERY single one! From co-sleeping beyond infancy, to leaving my entire cart at Target during a meltdown, to crying on birthdays and first days of school (me, not him; he has told me “be brave mommy” when I need to suck it up), to candy for breakfast and maybe a little too much Nick Jr. How much is too much, am I right? You name it, it’s probably happened.

On the other hand, there have been those days where I could literally high five myself for a job well done. From steaming clothes the night before school, waking up early to make his favorite breakfast, then going to the park or spending the day playing and soaking up every minute; just doing the things we love. Quite possibly even having the laundry done and dinner on the table as well. Lots of bedtime snuggles, stories, and prayers. These are the days we tend to document, my friends! The days we get it right!! Typically not the hot mess, like most when you see me dropping off Corbin at school days! Lord, help you all!!

RealIy though, I feel like for the most part, we are all so super hard on ourselves and tend to be our own worst enemy. As mama’s we pour our everything into our families and children so they will grow up to be the most efficient and productive adults possible, and hopefully (I pray) we will have instilled the right values and they will have the heart of a true servant in Christ. Therefore, I have chosen to make an effort to be more intentional in motherhood. To really dig deep on those days I feel less than average, and just be the best I can for him. Sure, there will be days where I completely blow it, yet I pray that Corbin will someday look back and remember all of the fun we had and through the millions of crafts, laughter, and hours at the park will know exactly where my heart was in those moments. They were growing not only him, but also me.

The moral, my friends is perspective and doubt can literally make or break your day, so show yourself some grace and know that you are doing the most amazing and rewarding job in raising your little ones! The days are long but the years are WAY too short, so hold your babies while you can and love them through each stage, no matter how challenging. It’s the simple things in life that are the most important and I am so thankful for another day to be my little boy’s mama.


I am rallying for you and sending you good vibes, always!!




XO- Chelsi

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Photography by Suzy Taylor

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