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It’s Friday which means we are officially on weekend mode!!

As an avid shopper, I love seeing new trends each season and the ever changing dynamic of the clothing industry. I find it so fun when a decade of style comes back into the limelight.

Trending now, the 70’s vibe is back in business. From suede, to shiny pleather booties, touches of velvet and even the beloved bell bottom, I’d say this is a season of LOVE and this girl can’t get enough!

Therefore, today I felt it was necessary to share with you the must haves for this season and what you will be seeing a lot of this fall.

Bell sleeves everywhere, and I mean everywhere! This is a trend shown, not only in bottoms but is highly demanded this season in tops and sweaters. Chenille is also such a soft and cozy fabric shown in bell sweaters and also dresses that I am literally obsessed with. Perfect for holiday parties and special occasions, this combination does not disappoint.  Below are a few favorites, I am currently eyeing.

Embellished denim is another big trend this fall! From embroidery to full on paint, this is also something to look for while shopping for your favorite jeans. Black and white skinnies (even after Labor Day) bell bottoms and flare cropped denim/pants are all super popular and will make a statement anywhere you go! Not to mention, someone who is 5’4 is pretty excited about the cropped trend, as I may not have to tailor the length on them for once. It’s a win, win!

Touches of velvet. Mules and booties are quickly becoming my favorite trends to date! If you know me, you know I love shoes and handbags so this is right up my alley. Mules are the perfect mom shoe in my opinion because I can RUN and chase around my 3 year old, yet still look stylish and put together. Booties are definitely a close second, then when velvet is added, (insert all the heart eyes) I am sold! I love to add my OTK velvet boots and floral velvet booties to add just the right touch to a fall/winter inspired outfit and complete the look. Velvet doesn’t have to only be incorporated into shoes, it is also the perfect accessory in a hat or a cute tee. I am loving this trend and think it will be such a pretty statement going into the holidays.

Skirts, Skirts, Skirts! Talking corduroy, pleated, to suede and leather, this is a trend I am so excited to see. A statement with a feminine touch yet with so much versatility. Skirts can be worn dressed up for church or work, then you add a rocker tee, bootie, and cardigan and have a completely different ensemble. I personally love a great mini with an oversized sweater and my favorite velvet booties. So dust off your old skirts that have been hiding in the closet and create your own masterpiece! They’re back, friends!!

There is so much goodness in this fall season! Remember these stylish trends the next time you’re out shopping and stay inspired, sweet friends!





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  1. I Love your blog today! If only I would’ve kept my clothing from back in the day! Bell bottoms… Bell Sleeves and Velvet….Always a favorite of mine. We all wait for your fashion inspiration! So proud of you and your passion. Love you my girl💕 Blessings….Mom

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