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Happy Tuesday, beautiful!!


Today I wanted to share some fun and fabulous jeans and shine a little light on staying productive. These are just a few tricks that tend to work for me, and honestly help me from feeling overwhelmed in life. On that note, it’s important to mention that in no way should you feel like this advice has to work for you. Totally all my opinion!

First, this may be small, but it tends to get my day going in the right direction. That is, waking up before Corbin. When I get up before he does, he’s a late sleeper so this makes me want to stay in bed sometimes, yet getting up earlier helps start my mornings. A cup of coffee, working out, journal time (bible study), making his lunch or simply just washing my hair and getting dressed is such a great habit. I don’t do this all the time, but every day I do, I feel a million times better, not rushed, and am ready to conquer the day.

Always go to bed with a clean kitchen. Y’all this is a must for me. I am a little bit OCD as it is but waking up to a clean kitchen is a total game changer. Having spaces tidy makes for a much happier mama.

Create a to-do list. Organize the list to prioritize the most important items or errands first, then the least important at the bottom. I can be super forgetful so this ensures that I get my list completed or at least the majority/important stuff finished.

Wash your face before bed. Simple, yet life changing advice. I always feel so fresh going to bed with clean skin. I still wash my face in the morning too before applying make-up but this ritual at night before bed leaves your skin feeling soft and you’re less likely to have break outs. Can I get an amen?!

Make specific chores for each day of the week. For instance, Monday dust, Tuesday clean the floors, Wednesday change the sheets, Thursday is laundry day, and Friday clean the bathrooms. Have your kids partake in the chores also. Corbin loves helping with the dishes, feeding the dogs, and sweeping. This is a great way to start teaching responsibility, but make sure that the chores are age appropriate.

Organize a small space in your home once a week. It can be a drawer, or home office, pantry or even organizing your kids toys. Totally depending on what you feel like tackling that day. This creates less clutter and prevents the dread that comes with “spring cleaning” each year.

Last, and most important. Make time for yourself. Take one hour, (at least) per day or week to get a manicure, go to the gym, have lunch or dinner with your favorite girls, catch up on your recorded shows, or just sit in the bathtub with a glass of bubbly. Time to just reflect and relax. We all need time for ourselves and it tends to make us BETTER.

Now, for the fun part! THESE JEANS!! Y’all, I was so hesitant in purchasing these leopard jeans. Some of you may recall my Instastories about them. Looking back, I guess it was just my own insecurities in wearing such a bold print. Yet, I really LOVE them and am SO glad I kept them. I think they will be so cute paired with a variety of options this fall.

I love Gap and have always been a fan of their fit and affordability. These jeans come in black also and are so cute! Shop this look at the bottom of my post and enjoy the rest of your Tuesday!




XO- Chelsi


Leopard Jeans: (here) and (here) Cami: (here)

Cardigan: (here) and (here) Booties: (similar here) and (here)

Necklace: (similar here) and (here)


Photography by Hannah Berry Photography

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