Three Little Pirates

Hello friends, or should I say AHOY!

I can’t believe it’s Halloween time! I have to say, my little crew is pretty excited! We’ve been gearing up for a while and our little spider, Spooky Ooky has been in full swing, bringing gifts and fun little Halloween inspired stickers to Corbin since the beginning of this month. Check out our fun family tradition (here).

Corbin is fascinated with Halloween, y’all! He LOVES scary goblins, skeletons and was insistent on being a vampire or frankenstein until we found his pirate costume. He now runs around the house yelling, “Aye Me Hearty” at our dogs.

Last year, Corbin and Oliver were superheroes so I thought I would keep the tradition alive by coordinating their costumes again and of course, adding London to the mix as well. So, while strolling down the pet isle at you guessed it, Target (alone mind you) I spotted pet pirate costumes and literally about died! I honesty was probably a little too excited! Sold and Sold!

Frankly, I will say, the photo sesh last year was a lot easier with just the two of them but I had to try and capture all my sweet, little pirates, and add it to the baby book and try to freeze frame time. I’m totally THAT mom, and I’m not mad about it, even though they may not be too happy about their inability to walk comfortably, they sure look cute! 😉 Don’t worry, they all got a little treat after semi cooperating!

We love Halloween and seeing all of the fun costumes, trick or treating in our neighborhood and yes, loading up on a little too much candy! It only comes around once a year, so enjoy it while you can!

Whether you host or attend an annual party, trunk-or-treat, or just stay home and hand out candy to kids in your neighborhood, we hope you have a fun, safe and Happy Halloween!




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