Black Friday

Happy Hump Day!!


Hoping you’re winding down your work week and gearing up for some turkey and a whole lotta football! Thanksgiving is tomorrow which means, Black Friday is upon us and I know you’re as excited as I am about all of the deals that are about to take place. To help with your shopping, and hopefully eliminate some stress, I wanted to share a few retailers and items I think will fulfill your Christmas wish list, as well as get a jump start on shopping for those you love. First, here are a couple of tips for shopping on Black Friday.

One thing that I find helpful and that works for me is to make a list prior to shopping. Write down a list of potential gifts for family members so you know what you’re looking for, whether online or in store. This helps to stay focused and not get distracted and also allows you to stay within a better budget. Get in, get out! Thats my motto, especially in a crowded space.

Secondly, cut the lines and start a little early. A lot of Black Friday deals begin before the big day and tend to go live on Thursday night. Possibly even sooner if you’re a card holder! So, if you’ve been eyeing something, check and see if it’s online first. You’ll have a better chance of getting first dibs if you know it will be available before the crowd hits on Friday morning.

Price check in store! This is a big one in keeping you from over spending. Take your prepared list and phone to do a quick scan to make sure you can’t find the item for a better price elsewhere. Amazon is a great resource when price checking. It is sometimes the least expensive option and did I mention their app has a feature that allows you to scan barcodes? Super cool all while potentially saving a little money!

Now, for the fun! I’ve compiled a list of items from three retailers that I hope will be helpful. Most are on sale but if they aren’t yet, don’t worry, they will be by Friday!

Click on the images below to be redirected to the retailer to shop.





Happy Shopping and have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving!




Thanksgiving Table Inspiration

Thanksgiving Table Inspiration

Can you believe Thanksgiving is less than one week away?

I don’t know about you, but I love this time of year. Family under one roof, the smell of fresh pecan pies, the Macy’s Day parade in the background, a long food coma induced nap and of course, football.

Also, a little fun fact about me, if you don’t already know is that I’m a sentimental soul and I LOVE pieces and gifts that remind me of a certain person or a special memory. These Thanksgiving plates are some of those special pieces that I love using and each time am reminded of my Grandma. She has always made Thanksgiving such a special and notable time for our family and mind you, it’s no small affair. It’s literally a weekend full of fun, great food and fellowship and if you know my Grandma, she knows her entertaining and how it’s done, my friends. I think she may secretly hold a title in the entertaining category because she’s just that good. She doesn’t leave out a single detail or anyone for that matter.

Over the years, Thanksgiving has grown and has become a huge Matteucci tradition. From a delicious meal prepared by my Daddy, no one does turkey like my Dad, to the infamous Thursday night movies, pizza on the grill and of course, a trip to Nordstrom to round out the weekend; so much thoughtfulness and intention goes into making everything come together. My Grandma’s presence makes it all even more meaningful in my eyes. She is someone who radiates kindness, cares about everyone and is just such a light to each person she meets. I pray she knows how amazing this weekend is for everyone who attends and that her influence has made such an incredible impact on our family and each person she opens her home to, especially me. Someday, she leaves behind very large shoes to fill, but I am so thankful to have been given these memories and even more so to have been shown her constant love. So Grandma if you’re reading this, thank you. Your love for people and the company you keep speaks volumes and my heart is so grateful for each moment we spend together.

So when I look at these plates, I’m reminded of so much more than a turkey or a pretty table scape. It’s more like memories to last a lifetime and the traditions that will continue to be passed down from generation to generation. It’s about the people who mean the most and the shared values that make us the people we are and hope to become. I hope this Thanksgiving, you’re reminded of the beauty in this season and the love of those around you. Be grateful, be blessed and have a lovely Thanksgiving, dear friends.

XO- Chelsi

Outfit Details

Sweater: (here)

Leather Earrings: HubLoveCrafts

Table Details

Plates: (similar here)

Chargers: (here) or (here)

Pumpkins: Home Goods (thanks, Mom) 🙂

Candle Sticks: Hobby Lobby

Swag: Hobby Lobby

Photography by Hannah Berry Photography

Styling the Holidays

Styling the Holidays

Hello friends!

Do the holidays fast approaching have you stumbling on what to wear or thinking, I have nothing to wear?! Ha! This time of year is my absolute favorite, but that’s not to say it doesn’t come with a few mild stresses. What to wear for family photos, or to your company Christmas party can be a little overwhelming to say the least, but I’m here to tell you, it doesn’t have to be at all! In case you’re wondering, the dress I’ve chosen to feature today will be my go-to this season for our family Christmas party and would even be a great option for family photos. I plan on wearing it to many events this winter and will be styling it differently each time. A similar velvet wrap dress is linked below under wedding guest options. Check it out!

Now, let’s begin with family photos. The rule of thumb is to ALWAYS choose your outfit before anyone else in the family. You’ve probably been told this but it truly is vital and will be the piece you’ll use to coordinate and style the rest of your family. Also, another standard concept in coordinating is that the pieces you choose for your family don’t have to match perfectly. Coordinating doesn’t mean to all wear the exact same sweater or shirt and match colors identically, except if you have twins, children close in age or the same gender, then match away mama’s, if you so choose! Also, allow the smallest child in the family to stand out with a fun print! For instance if you have a little girl, put her in a floral dress or polka dots of a coordinating but not a matchy-matchy color. Keep things relatively simple but don’t hesitate to use different prints and colors that compliment one another. Small dots, a plaid, and even adding a simple tee or button down can be so effortless, yet make your photos pop. Last tip, don’t stress and enjoy the process! Reference the two options below for more insight.



Secondly, winter weddings are such a beautiful concept, yet can be a challenge considering what to wear as a guest, especially depending on weather predictions. Each dress below would be so pretty paired with a faux fur jacket and tights. From velvet and lace, to booties and heels, you be the judge on what fits the occasion best. Nevertheless, you’ll be sure to make the guest list and a statement in any of these elegant pieces.

Lastly, dressing for company Christmas parties and events. The idea of a cute off the shoulder dress, or a fun blazer and possibly even a touch of sequins or leather is, in my opinion, promotion material! 🙂 Okay, maybe I’ll take it down a notch, but these are a few examples that say, I’m professional but I’m here to party! Keep it tasteful but have a little fun putting your outfit together. I love the idea of leather pants or leggings with an oversized blazer and a fun shoe or the cute leopard dress linked below paired with red or black booties.

When the time comes to begin shopping for your holiday wardrobe, I hope this resource will be of assistance to you and will be a post to refer back to for the basics in the future. Whether its annual family photos, or your best friends wedding, I wish you a happy, healthy and safe holiday season!



Happy Monday and thanks for stopping by!




XO- Chelsi


Sale Boots

Sale Boots

Happy Thursday, babes!

So I wanted to share a few boots currently on sale that I am loving! If you know me well, or have been following along, you know I love shoes and obviously a good sale! I mean, who doesn’t love a SALE? Am I right?!

First, having a good casual pair of boots is a must. Something I don’t have to give much thought to on a daily basis, that goes with just about anything, great for running errands, yet still feeling put together and for all things #momlife considering I feel like I am constantly on the go these days!

Secondly, I have such an obsession with OTK (over the knee) boots y’all! Now if it would just get cold enough around here to wear them regularly, that would be fantastic. Here is a round up of my favorites.

If you just aren’t quite feeling the OTK trend, here are a few options for tall boots that are below the knee and great for work or play! I am wearing the Sam Edelman pair up top and love these with jeans or leggings and an oversized plaid or cozy sweatshirt.

I wanted to also list options for colder weather. Rain boots are not only super comfortable but look adorable even when the weather isn’t ideal. Check these out!

Last, but not least is a category for dressier occasions or just to spice up an outfit. These are all options perfect for the upcoming holidays or for a night out with the girls or your favorite guy!

All of these options are currently marked down, and in my opinion would even be a great Christmas gift for your favorite daughter, sister, mother, girlfriend or wife. Some of you may be rolling your eyes right now, since it’s only November 2nd, but like it or not Christmas is coming!! Hoping some of these sale tags will awaken the jolly in you and get you into the spirit! 😉 Have a wonderful rest of your week and happy shopping, friends!!




XO- Chelsi