Black Friday

Happy Hump Day!!


Hoping you’re winding down your work week and gearing up for some turkey and a whole lotta football! Thanksgiving is tomorrow which means, Black Friday is upon us and I know you’re as excited as I am about all of the deals that are about to take place. To help with your shopping, and hopefully eliminate some stress, I wanted to share a few retailers and items I think will fulfill your Christmas wish list, as well as get a jump start on shopping for those you love. First, here are a couple of tips for shopping on Black Friday.

One thing that I find helpful and that works for me is to make a list prior to shopping. Write down a list of potential gifts for family members so you know what you’re looking for, whether online or in store. This helps to stay focused and not get distracted and also allows you to stay within a better budget. Get in, get out! Thats my motto, especially in a crowded space.

Secondly, cut the lines and start a little early. A lot of Black Friday deals begin before the big day and tend to go live on Thursday night. Possibly even sooner if you’re a card holder! So, if you’ve been eyeing something, check and see if it’s online first. You’ll have a better chance of getting first dibs if you know it will be available before the crowd hits on Friday morning.

Price check in store! This is a big one in keeping you from over spending. Take your prepared list and phone to do a quick scan to make sure you can’t find the item for a better price elsewhere. Amazon is a great resource when price checking. It is sometimes the least expensive option and did I mention their app has a feature that allows you to scan barcodes? Super cool all while potentially saving a little money!

Now, for the fun! I’ve compiled a list of items from three retailers that I hope will be helpful. Most are on sale but if they aren’t yet, don’t worry, they will be by Friday!

Click on the images below to be redirected to the retailer to shop.





Happy Shopping and have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving!




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