Thanksgiving Table Inspiration

Can you believe Thanksgiving is less than one week away?

I don’t know about you, but I love this time of year. Family under one roof, the smell of fresh pecan pies, the Macy’s Day parade in the background, a long food coma induced nap and of course, football.

Also, a little fun fact about me, if you don’t already know is that I’m a sentimental soul and I LOVE pieces and gifts that remind me of a certain person or a special memory. These Thanksgiving plates are some of those special pieces that I love using and each time am reminded of my Grandma. She has always made Thanksgiving such a special and notable time for our family and mind you, it’s no small affair. It’s literally a weekend full of fun, great food and fellowship and if you know my Grandma, she knows her entertaining and how it’s done, my friends. I think she may secretly hold a title in the entertaining category because she’s just that good. She doesn’t leave out a single detail or anyone for that matter.

Over the years, Thanksgiving has grown and has become a huge Matteucci tradition. From a delicious meal prepared by my Daddy, no one does turkey like my Dad, to the infamous Thursday night movies, pizza on the grill and of course, a trip to Nordstrom to round out the weekend; so much thoughtfulness and intention goes into making everything come together. My Grandma’s presence makes it all even more meaningful in my eyes. She is someone who radiates kindness, cares about everyone and is just such a light to each person she meets. I pray she knows how amazing this weekend is for everyone who attends and that her influence has made such an incredible impact on our family and each person she opens her home to, especially me. Someday, she leaves behind very large shoes to fill, but I am so thankful to have been given these memories and even more so to have been shown her constant love. So Grandma if you’re reading this, thank you. Your love for people and the company you keep speaks volumes and my heart is so grateful for each moment we spend together.

So when I look at these plates, I’m reminded of so much more than a turkey or a pretty table scape. It’s more like memories to last a lifetime and the traditions that will continue to be passed down from generation to generation. It’s about the people who mean the most and the shared values that make us the people we are and hope to become. I hope this Thanksgiving, you’re reminded of the beauty in this season and the love of those around you. Be grateful, be blessed and have a lovely Thanksgiving, dear friends.

XO- Chelsi

Outfit Details

Sweater: (here)

Leather Earrings: HubLoveCrafts

Table Details

Plates: (similar here)

Chargers: (here) or (here)

Pumpkins: Home Goods (thanks, Mom) 🙂

Candle Sticks: Hobby Lobby

Swag: Hobby Lobby

Photography by Hannah Berry Photography

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  1. Lovely message HONERING you’re wonderful Grandmother. heartwarming to see a younger generation express so much love and appreciation. You are amazing girl. Love your blog

    1. Thank you so much, Mary and thank you for reading! I️ appreciate your kind words and am so glad you’re enjoying the blog!

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