Shoes on Shoes on Shoes

Hello gorgeous!

There are SO many amazing sales happening right now, as I know you’re already aware! Shoes are something I absolutely LOVE! Something else I know you’re becoming increasingly aware of. Especially if you’ve been following me for some time. Shoes tend to make or break an outfit and ALWAYS fit! Well, for the most part! They aren’t like everything else that sometimes tend to vary, if you know what I mean. My jeans are just a little tighter this month but my shoes fit GREAT! Haha!

I wanted to share some amazing shoe finds that I am loving and may already have a pair or two of in my closet! They are all marked down and will transition into different seasons for years to come. I tend to splurge on shoes and handbags because they are items I wear for longer periods of time. More so, than anything else I purchase. Below is a round up of my current faves all from the Nordstrom sale.

Also, please note, the sale ends January 2, 2018 so stop and shop before they go back up to their original price on the 3rd. Your feet will thank you!


XO- Chelsi



NYE Dress Guide

Happy Thursday!


It’s hard to believe the Holiday Season is wrapping up and coming to a close with New Years Eve just days away. Whether you’re in New York City celebrating in Times Square (I wish) or just attending a local gathering in your home town, there are plenty of options when it comes to what to wear.

From inexpensive options, to jumpsuits and dresses to splurge on, you can’t go wrong with a little glitz and glamour. I’ve decided to round up a few favorites that I think are perfect options, no matter your plans. For me, I’ll more than likely be lounging with my family and a glass of prosecco and quite honestly may not make it to midnight but if we were doing it big, one of these fabulous options would be what I’d choose.

Turn heads with sequins or keep it simple and understated with a velvet body con. I hope that regardless of your plans, whether your up all night or like me, an 80 year old in a 30 somethings body, that you’ll enjoy the last day of 2017 and remember to be safe and ring in the new year in style.


Cheers and Happy New Year!!

XO- Chelsi



Jord Wooden Watches

Jord Wooden Watches

It’s Wednesday and I’m hoping you’re recovering from all of the festivities of Christmas! Just a few more days to prepare for New Years, but I have something that is sure to start 2018 off right!

If you don’t already know, I’m a sucker for a little arm candy, and this watch is all of that and more. Meet the “Frankie Series” from Jord Wooden Watches.

Thats right, friends! I said “wooden” watches!!

Talk about UNIQUE! They come in a variety of colors from maple to dark sandalwood and eleven other options to fit the needs of both men and women. Did I mention the quality is absolutely amazing? The sandalwood is hand finished with pretreated tung oils and the sapphire glass around the face is known worldwide for its durability so it’s guaranteed to last for seasons to come. One important detail I love about the “Frankie Series” is it has such a classic design yet is modern and chic. It’s built for every day wear and will go from work to play in a matter of minutes. No pun intended! From chasing my toddler at the park to a dinner date with my girls or husband, this watch goes with me everywhere. I also love that every Jord watch tells a story. Each series in every collection is described so differently and distinctively on the Jord website, which also makes purchasing a watch from them an extraordinary experience.

I have to say friends, when this beauty arrived at my door, I was literally blown away by the packaging alone. Jord is seriously brilliant when it comes to their packaging and marketing their product. Each watch comes in the most stunning wooden box that actually doubles as a jewelry box and it does not disappoint. I could hardly contain my excitement when this package arrived!

Like mentioned above, Jord has a broad selection of luxury wooden watches to choose from. The “Frankie” stood out to me personally because I love the emerald face paired with the dark sandalwood. It makes such a beautiful statement and the large face is most appealing, simply because I love pieces that are stylish yet have an unconventional elegance. Something you see and think, I wonder where they found that? It’s definitely not a piece you’re likely to come across on a daily basis.

Jord also engraves their pieces which makes them the PERFECT gift for a loved one. On birthdays, anniversaries, even with Valentine’s Day fast approaching, Jord has you covered and is sure to make your day even more special with a customizable message, name or initials. From classic to sleek in design, Jord is one-of-a-kind!

Visit their website, as listed below for more information on these cool watches and for pricing and be sure to follow Jord on social media for updates and future giveaways.

Speaking of giveaway, Jord is offering a $100 gift code to use on their website towards the purchase of a watch of your choice. Only one lucky winner will get the code but everyone who enters will receive a $25 consolation code once the contest ends. For more information and to enter, go to the giveaway link posted below. You won’t want to miss out on this amazing offer! Be sure to enter before January 14, 2018 for a chance to win! The code will be available for use until January 28th, when it expires.

To shop Jord Wooden Watches hover over the links below and click on them to be redirected to their site.

Wooden Wrist Watch

After Christmas Sales

Happy day after Christmas, friends!

Better get your gift cards and Christmas cash ready because I’ve rounded up a list of my favorite retailers to shop below! So many great deals happening today! Be sure to check out the shop tabs listed under “SHOP” on my home page as well.

Click on the retailers below to be redirected to their sites to shop sales.



Use the code YESPLEASE


Free People

40% off All Sale Styles


American Eagle Outfitters

50% off Holiday Styles


Williams Sonoma

Winter Clearance up to 75% off!



Use code JOY


West Elm

Up to 30% off with code BYE2017 for extra 20% off marked down items.



Up to 50% off


Urban Outfitters

30% off Sale items


Up to 40% off shoes and boots & select items


Neiman Marcus

Up to $100 off with code DECSAVE


Pottery Barn

Up to 70% off!


Old Navy

60% off Storewide


I hope you all had a lovely Christmas!! Happy Shopping!


XO- Chelsi

Eyelash Extensions

Happy Thursday, everyone! So thankful that the weekend is near. We’re going to be spending it in New Mexico with family and it’s honestly much needed. It’s always good to go “home” for the holidays, even if it’s just for the weekend.

One of the most frequently asked questions I get on my IG feed as well as in real life, is if I have extremely long eyelashes or if they are indeed, lash extensions. I wish mine were naturally as thick and full! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve heard of wonderful products that so many of my fellow bloggers and even dearest friends have used and swear by and it’s so great to find something you love and stick to it. BUT, I’m just doing what works for me, and that is my lash extensions.

(Image above is before my fill)

So, I’m getting ready to age myself but I’ve been getting lash extensions done since right before my 21st birthday. My best friend had them done, and it was before they were a cool thing to do so I was curious and figured, I’d give them a try. Needless to say, it was love at first sight, literally. ADDICTED is really the right term! I have been going ever since and will only allow the best in town, my friend, Toni Alvarez to do them. With twenty years of experience in permanent make up, she knows her stuff. She has also become such a precious friend and has been a part of every big event in our lives since twenty-one. From attending our wedding, to watching my belly grow during pregnancy, as she saw me every three weeks; she is like family and in my opinion the most gifted and skilled at what she does.

With that, there are many pro’s to getting lash extensions. One of them for me being the ease of getting ready in the morning. I am someone who rolls out of bed, throws on my lulus and is out the door. Therefore, on most days I tend to wear minimal make up, except for hiding the sunspot I have on my cheek (sometimes) and my lashes make me feel like I’ve made a small effort, even on the busiest of days. It’s amazing how much more put together I feel when I have them versus when I don’t. I think they are perfect for brides, new moms, and honestly every day life. They just make a statement and ex out the hassle of trying. Haha! Does that even make sense? We’ve all been at a point in our lives where even putting mascara on can be challenging. Am I right?!

(Redness goes away after an hour or so)

Another question I get asked is “do your natural eyelashes fall out”? They do in fact, fall out, regardless of having extensions or not. This is because your natural lashes replenish every couple of weeks so you may notice even without having lash extensions some of your own lashes here and there. My suggestion for minimal damage to your natural lashes is to have your extensions professionally taken off, if you so choose.

Next is price. Are they expensive and difficult to maintain? Since I’ve been going to Toni for nearly 11 years, my price hasn’t gone up much, if at all. I’ve also probably only had maybe 15 full sets in my entire time of going to her as well. Price for extensions differs at each salon as well as in each city by popular demand. Some salons can cost upwards of $400-$500 for a full set, others are around the $275 mark and even under. For instance, a full set for me is around $150. Also, fills can be costly. Some salons in Lubbock charge around $75 while others are closer to the same price as getting your nails done. Sometimes price can depend on how full you want your lashes to look and what you expect your outcome to be. Glam vs. more natural will make a difference. Definitely, do research in your area to ensure reputability and then ask for a price list once you’ve found the perfect match for your needs. Make sure you’ve researched as no one wants to be over charged or get pink eye, for goodness sake! These are your eyes were talking about!! 🙂

Secondly, maintenance. I get fills every 3-4 weeks. Some go every 2-3 depending on your needs. I like to explain maintenance like getting your nails done. Every couple of weeks it’s time for a new color, just like your nails, lashes should be touched up between 2 and 4 weeks. Toni only takes around 45 minutes to an hour to fill my lashes. She is quick and its a painless process. When washing my face morning and night, I just use witch hazel or a mild cleanser in an upward motion to remove any excess makeup that may still exist. They are easy to maintain and easy to get used to, in my opinion.

(All done. )

Lastly, if you’re in the Lubbock area, and are thinking eyelash extensions are the best option for you in this season of life or want a set for your upcoming Christmas party or event, contact Toni Alvarez at 806-535-3080. She is the sweetest and I promise she doesn’t disappoint. 11 years of this faithful addiction and if you know me, you know how much I love my lash extensions and Toni! You will love her too and will be amazed by the finished product! Cheers to your newest addiction!

Stay beautiful, friends!

XO- Chelsi

Message me in the comments if you have questions!

American Warrior Luggage

American Warrior Luggage

Happy Monday!


Only two weeks til Christmas, but who’s counting?!

Have I got the perfect Christmas gift for you?! As someone who travels relatively often, it’s so important to have everything you may need in one piece of luggage; the necessities and then some. I am definitely not a professional packer but there are a few people in my family, I can honestly say, this could be their full time job and they will be receiving this gift. For instance, I love a good bag that will last and will keep everything in a safe place. For me, having my make up, jewelry, and hair tools is a must, regardless of the time spent away. There have been several occasions where I have over packed and once arriving to our final destination, it becomes an impossible task to figure out what I’ve brought because it’s a huge unorganized mess. Speaking of mess, has anyone ever had their shampoo bottle spill in their luggage and ruin a pair of Louboutin heels or just your favorite sweater? Yeah, that wasn’t my best day! Or simply forgot to bring your blow dryer only to realize the hotel doesn’t provide one in your room? These are only a couple of examples. Don’t be discouraged, friends! I’m here to tell you these problems have a feasible and easy solution.

Today, I am so excited to be partnering with American Warrior Luggage to bring you, The Ultimate Toiletry Bag. This bag is literally the best thing to come into my life since Conrad, y’all! 🙂 It has a compartment for everything you could possibly think of, is versatile and can be used as a weekender, and is even small enough to fit under your seat on an airplane. Like, WHAT? There is a designated space for your hair tools, blowdryer, ect. and separate bags for jewelry and products, such as, shampoo, conditioner and skincare. The toiletries pouch fully zips to ensure protection from spills that may occur during travel. It is made with ballistic grade material, as used in the military so the quality is durable and the design is chic and feminine yet, innovative and built to be used for years to come. It includes a top handle and strap that is detachable for the ease of being carried. You choose whether to carry it on, or check it!

This modern spin on luggage specifically designed for women was created by Sandra Alexander who felt the need to share and influence a better way of travel for women of all ages and price points. In my opinion, she nailed it! The perfect bag for women, in a design that makes a statement!

This bag retails for $199 but for my followers and readers, American Warrior is offering a discount by using the code “chelsi” for 25% off and free shipping. Talk about a wonderful Christmas gift!! Your wife, girlfriend, sister, or aunt will be over the moon to receive The Ultimate Toiletry Bag and so will anyone who may travel, or go on weekend getaways! Get yours today and the women in your life will be sure to thank you! Sandra has even discounted bags that are “imperfect” and these are now $99.99 and will be delivered if you’re a local resident, free of charge with the code “local” at checkout.

You can also visit the American Warrior Luggage website here and watch videos of how to pack the bag as well as read about more features and how American Warrior was established. Be sure to check them out and watch for new merchandise set to launch in the New Year.

Thank you to American Warrior and Sandra Alexander for allowing Baubles and Bowties Blog to feature The Ultimate Toiletry Bag and for sponsoring this post.




XO- Chelsi


Photography by Hannah Berry Photography

Holiday Gift Sets

Holiday Gift Sets

Do the holidays have you completely stumped on what to get each person in your family? Or are you the over achiever that has all of your Christmas shopping done by the first of December?

If we’re being honest, I tend to fall into category number one. I sometimes think I’ve got this gift buying thing down, then am the last minute scrambler trying to make sure I have everyone checked off my list. Did I mention, I am a procrastinator? I am that person who feels like my best work is done when I have a deadline, like due that day. Been practicing this way of life since 2005. Thanks college for helping me to perfect it and learn absolutely nothing about getting my to do list done AHEAD of time.

Today, I wanted to share some amazing gift sets I think your people will love and ensure that you won’t be that last minute gift giver.

Here are a few options for the women in your life. Whether it be for your mom, sister, girlfriend or friend. This list has you covered.

Ladies, hoping this section will be of inspiration while shopping for your favorite guys this holiday season!

Wishing you all a great rest of your Tuesday! Comment below with any questions you may have and thanks for stopping by Baubles and Bowties Blog!



XO- Chelsi



Coats for the Season

Happy Sunday!

Today, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite coats for the winter season, if winter ever comes, that is. I don’t know what Mother Nature is doing this year in Texas, but I’m honestly ready for a little cold, snowy weather. Or at least cold as in, enough to actually run our heater.

Just in case you’re looking for a great new coat or even a Christmas gift, here are a few that I have been eyeing and am loving. I’ve broken them down into sections for the ease of shopping & some are even on sale! Just hover over the photos and click on them to be redirected to the retailers.







Wishing you a relaxing and blessed Sunday!



XO- Chelsi

Henderson Holiday Traditions

Henderson Holiday Traditions

Today has me full of excitement! One, because its Friday and secondly, it’s December 1st!

Today I wanted to share 10 Christmas traditions that we have started in our little family & I hope you’ll enjoy reading each one!

1. Christmas Decorations! Obviously you know this is a must for me. I absolutely LOVE to decorate and now that Corbin’s old enough to help and have fun with the process, makes it all the better and so worth while! Our house is dusted in glitter right now and I’m not mad about it. We went with traditional this year because he’s little and I wanted him to have a tree with snowballs and cotton and all the things. He has told me every day that our tree is beautiful! Well, melt my heart why don’t you?

2. Baking. We love to bake together. We make gingerbread houses, cookies, and even a birthday cake for Daddy. If you don’t know, my husbands birthday is also on Christmas so we like to celebrate him by making him a special cake and wrapping his gifts in birthday paper. Corbin is a master egg cracker and mixer and I basically just take orders. Ha! We made sugar cookies and decorated them this week and it was so fun to see how creative he is, not to mention his decorating skills are on point. Even if he did eat more than he decorated. 🙂 We will do this numerous times this month, so don’t be surprised if we show up with baked goods at your doorstep or if I gain 10 extra pounds. Hey, that’s what food baby sweaters are for, am I right?

3. If you haven’t started the Elf on the Shelf tradition, it’s not too late. “Dash” arrives on the 1st (eek tonight) and causes mischief all over our house. From marshmallow baths, hanging Corbin’s undies all over the tree, to sneaking in stickers or a fun festive book when little “C” is good, his silly tactics are sure to keep your little one on the nice list. It makes for a fun, and sometimes challenging tradition. Challenging in that I have to remember to move him. #mombrain at its finest.

4. One thing, even as a kid I remember loving is looking at Christmas lights. This is a tradition we have definitely kept alive. Thankfully, the caroling has not been something we’ve picked back up! Pretty sure no one wants to hear this pitch deaf voice of mine and it would take a million dollars to get Conrad to sing “Jingle Bells” in front of an audience! Can you imagine? Any who,  on Christmas light night, we all bundle up, grab a hot chocolate and drive around our favorite neighborhoods in town looking at lights. There is even a neighborhood that has one street fully decked out. It’s so fun to see the lights in perfect harmony with the music and all of the people lined up to take a gander.

5. The five things. This is something I love and a tradition we decided to start with Corbin, as it makes gift buying easy and less stressful in trying to figure out what to get each other. 1. Something to wear. 2. Something you need. 3. Something you want. 4. Something to read. 5. Something from Santa.

6. Our annual ornament is a tradition we started before we were engaged. We literally have an ornament that dates back to 2010 if you can imagine and its been hanging on our tree every year since. I’m so thankful for these fragments of our love and growth and I hope to look back at them many years from now and remember what season of life we were in and the memories attached to that ornament.

7. Mall Santa photo sesh. I mean, obviously! Something all parents should attempt at least once. I don’t think there could have been a person on the planet Corbin disliked more than Santa at age one. Since then, he’s really started to take to the jolly ol fella and has even tried calling him a time or two on my phone. Oh my! Don’t kid yourself, I’ve definitely threatened to call him too. Maybe three or four times already today, in fact. All jokes aside, I’m excited to see how he reacts this year. I have a feeling Santa may want to take a shot of vodka and make himself as comfortable as possible because this kids list is a mile long and growing. Put it this way, every time Disney Jr. comes on, its something new. We’re in for it this year, friends! May want to send a few prayers up and we honestly may want to invest in a few lottery tickets to keep up with this one!

8. It’s always so important to remember others in this season. Although this is a time of celebration, there are so many in need and those who have so little and even some with no one to spend the holidays with. Giving back is BIG for our family. A donation to a local charity or food bank, picking one or even a few angels off of the tree, serving a meal at your local soup kitchen, or simply inviting your neighbor over for dinner, are small things that can make such an impact and change a persons perspective about the holiday season. Jesus is the reason, so remember to glorify him through serving and loving others.

9. Brand new Christmas Eve pj’s and cuddling on the couch with popcorn and our favorite Holiday movie is priceless. We love to read the The Christmas Story or T’was the Night before Christmas to end the night before bed. Cookies and Milk are out and ready for Santa and waking up to a big family breakfast is always a good idea. I love waking up in our home on Christmas morning and just taking in all of the goodness with a fresh cup of coffee and Christmas music playing in the background. These are the moments I cherish and hope to always remember.

10. Our favorite tradition to date is the Christmas Eve service at our church. It’s always a packed house, and is so meaningful. We get to dress up, hear the Christmas story, and just praise. It is a time of worship, giving and community and above all, the REASON. So thankful for this service, our church and for those who sit with us in our row. Our family and friends all gathered together to witness the beauty that is Christmas. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate tradition than with the ONE who started it all.


Thank you for stopping by to read our family traditions. How do you celebrate this time of year? I hope that however it is spent, it is with those most significant and that the love of the season shines through to you and yours!


Be Blessed!



XO- Chelsi


Photography by Hannah Berry Photography