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Only two weeks til Christmas, but who’s counting?!

Have I got the perfect Christmas gift for you?! As someone who travels relatively often, it’s so important to have everything you may need in one piece of luggage; the necessities and then some. I am definitely not a professional packer but there are a few people in my family, I can honestly say, this could be their full time job and they will be receiving this gift. For instance, I love a good bag that will last and will keep everything in a safe place. For me, having my make up, jewelry, and hair tools is a must, regardless of the time spent away. There have been several occasions where I have over packed and once arriving to our final destination, it becomes an impossible task to figure out what I’ve brought because it’s a huge unorganized mess. Speaking of mess, has anyone ever had their shampoo bottle spill in their luggage and ruin a pair of Louboutin heels or just your favorite sweater? Yeah, that wasn’t my best day! Or simply forgot to bring your blow dryer only to realize the hotel doesn’t provide one in your room? These are only a couple of examples. Don’t be discouraged, friends! I’m here to tell you these problems have a feasible and easy solution.

Today, I am so excited to be partnering with American Warrior Luggage to bring you, The Ultimate Toiletry Bag. This bag is literally the best thing to come into my life since Conrad, y’all! 🙂 It has a compartment for everything you could possibly think of, is versatile and can be used as a weekender, and is even small enough to fit under your seat on an airplane. Like, WHAT? There is a designated space for your hair tools, blowdryer, ect. and separate bags for jewelry and products, such as, shampoo, conditioner and skincare. The toiletries pouch fully zips to ensure protection from spills that may occur during travel. It is made with ballistic grade material, as used in the military so the quality is durable and the design is chic and feminine yet, innovative and built to be used for years to come. It includes a top handle and strap that is detachable for the ease of being carried. You choose whether to carry it on, or check it!

This modern spin on luggage specifically designed for women was created by Sandra Alexander who felt the need to share and influence a better way of travel for women of all ages and price points. In my opinion, she nailed it! The perfect bag for women, in a design that makes a statement!

This bag retails for $199 but for my followers and readers, American Warrior is offering a discount by using the code “chelsi” for 25% off and free shipping. Talk about a wonderful Christmas gift!! Your wife, girlfriend, sister, or aunt will be over the moon to receive The Ultimate Toiletry Bag and so will anyone who may travel, or go on weekend getaways! Get yours today and the women in your life will be sure to thank you! Sandra has even discounted bags that are “imperfect” and these are now $99.99 and will be delivered if you’re a local resident, free of charge with the code “local” at checkout.

You can also visit the American Warrior Luggage website here and watch videos of how to pack the bag as well as read about more features and how American Warrior was established. Be sure to check them out and watch for new merchandise set to launch in the New Year.

Thank you to American Warrior and Sandra Alexander for allowing Baubles and Bowties Blog to feature The Ultimate Toiletry Bag and for sponsoring this post.




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4 thoughts on “American Warrior Luggage

  1. Absolutely LOVE this bag!! Best way to travel ever…so easy to carry on as well! Sandra had everything in mind when she designed this incredible bag. I truly live how it has a separate compartment for stuff.. jewelry , cosmetics, shampoo ect. I don’t know of a woman around that would not love one of these amazing bags. Throw your jammies and stuff in it and it makes for the perfect road trip bag too! Thank You Sandra Alexander for sharing your bags with us and to Baubles and Bow ties for Promoting it! 💕🎀💕

    1. It’s such a great bag and perfect for travel! Love how it carries all of the things I need most and that it’s the perfect size! Sandra Alexander did an amazing job designing this bag and anyone who buys from her will love it as much as we do! Thankful to write a post for this awesome company!

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