Henderson Holiday Traditions

Today has me full of excitement! One, because its Friday and secondly, it’s December 1st!

Today I wanted to share 10 Christmas traditions that we have started in our little family & I hope you’ll enjoy reading each one!

1. Christmas Decorations! Obviously you know this is a must for me. I absolutely LOVE to decorate and now that Corbin’s old enough to help and have fun with the process, makes it all the better and so worth while! Our house is dusted in glitter right now and I’m not mad about it. We went with traditional this year because he’s little and I wanted him to have a tree with snowballs and cotton and all the things. He has told me every day that our tree is beautiful! Well, melt my heart why don’t you?

2. Baking. We love to bake together. We make gingerbread houses, cookies, and even a birthday cake for Daddy. If you don’t know, my husbands birthday is also on Christmas so we like to celebrate him by making him a special cake and wrapping his gifts in birthday paper. Corbin is a master egg cracker and mixer and I basically just take orders. Ha! We made sugar cookies and decorated them this week and it was so fun to see how creative he is, not to mention his decorating skills are on point. Even if he did eat more than he decorated. 🙂 We will do this numerous times this month, so don’t be surprised if we show up with baked goods at your doorstep or if I gain 10 extra pounds. Hey, that’s what food baby sweaters are for, am I right?

3. If you haven’t started the Elf on the Shelf tradition, it’s not too late. “Dash” arrives on the 1st (eek tonight) and causes mischief all over our house. From marshmallow baths, hanging Corbin’s undies all over the tree, to sneaking in stickers or a fun festive book when little “C” is good, his silly tactics are sure to keep your little one on the nice list. It makes for a fun, and sometimes challenging tradition. Challenging in that I have to remember to move him. #mombrain at its finest.

4. One thing, even as a kid I remember loving is looking at Christmas lights. This is a tradition we have definitely kept alive. Thankfully, the caroling has not been something we’ve picked back up! Pretty sure no one wants to hear this pitch deaf voice of mine and it would take a million dollars to get Conrad to sing “Jingle Bells” in front of an audience! Can you imagine? Any who,  on Christmas light night, we all bundle up, grab a hot chocolate and drive around our favorite neighborhoods in town looking at lights. There is even a neighborhood that has one street fully decked out. It’s so fun to see the lights in perfect harmony with the music and all of the people lined up to take a gander.

5. The five things. This is something I love and a tradition we decided to start with Corbin, as it makes gift buying easy and less stressful in trying to figure out what to get each other. 1. Something to wear. 2. Something you need. 3. Something you want. 4. Something to read. 5. Something from Santa.

6. Our annual ornament is a tradition we started before we were engaged. We literally have an ornament that dates back to 2010 if you can imagine and its been hanging on our tree every year since. I’m so thankful for these fragments of our love and growth and I hope to look back at them many years from now and remember what season of life we were in and the memories attached to that ornament.

7. Mall Santa photo sesh. I mean, obviously! Something all parents should attempt at least once. I don’t think there could have been a person on the planet Corbin disliked more than Santa at age one. Since then, he’s really started to take to the jolly ol fella and has even tried calling him a time or two on my phone. Oh my! Don’t kid yourself, I’ve definitely threatened to call him too. Maybe three or four times already today, in fact. All jokes aside, I’m excited to see how he reacts this year. I have a feeling Santa may want to take a shot of vodka and make himself as comfortable as possible because this kids list is a mile long and growing. Put it this way, every time Disney Jr. comes on, its something new. We’re in for it this year, friends! May want to send a few prayers up and we honestly may want to invest in a few lottery tickets to keep up with this one!

8. It’s always so important to remember others in this season. Although this is a time of celebration, there are so many in need and those who have so little and even some with no one to spend the holidays with. Giving back is BIG for our family. A donation to a local charity or food bank, picking one or even a few angels off of the tree, serving a meal at your local soup kitchen, or simply inviting your neighbor over for dinner, are small things that can make such an impact and change a persons perspective about the holiday season. Jesus is the reason, so remember to glorify him through serving and loving others.

9. Brand new Christmas Eve pj’s and cuddling on the couch with popcorn and our favorite Holiday movie is priceless. We love to read the The Christmas Story or T’was the Night before Christmas to end the night before bed. Cookies and Milk are out and ready for Santa and waking up to a big family breakfast is always a good idea. I love waking up in our home on Christmas morning and just taking in all of the goodness with a fresh cup of coffee and Christmas music playing in the background. These are the moments I cherish and hope to always remember.

10. Our favorite tradition to date is the Christmas Eve service at our church. It’s always a packed house, and is so meaningful. We get to dress up, hear the Christmas story, and just praise. It is a time of worship, giving and community and above all, the REASON. So thankful for this service, our church and for those who sit with us in our row. Our family and friends all gathered together to witness the beauty that is Christmas. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate tradition than with the ONE who started it all.


Thank you for stopping by to read our family traditions. How do you celebrate this time of year? I hope that however it is spent, it is with those most significant and that the love of the season shines through to you and yours!


Be Blessed!



XO- Chelsi


Photography by Hannah Berry Photography


2 thoughts on “Henderson Holiday Traditions

  1. What a wonderfully written blog… Merry and Bright! I can’t say enough about how proud I am of you as my Child , Wife to our Son in Law and perfect little Mom to our Precious Grandson. You have a heart of great love and give such inspiration to many! You are so very talented it amazes me! It makes my heart melt reading the 10 favorite things of Christmas because it takes me back in time when you were a little girl. We started so many of these traditions back then and you loved everyone one of them as Corbin does! Making memories while keeping such important traditions! Yes…. Best of all was always our family and friends joining together for the candlelight service at church! Nothing better to celebrate than JESUS! Merry Christmas my girl… as always I wish you many Blessings ahead with this blog and can’t wait to watch how God will continue to work in your life to reach others! I Love You❤️🎄❤️

    1. Thank you, Mom!! Thank you for reading, encouraging and supporting every post I write. I am so incredibly thankful for you and for the traditions that were started when I was little. Also, for your talent in everything you touch and do! It’s so fun to be able to pass these traditions down to Corbin and celebrate the birth of Jesus with our family! We are so blessed and surrounded by love in each season and it is such a gift. I love you and appreciate you so much, always!

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