Holiday Gift Sets

Do the holidays have you completely stumped on what to get each person in your family? Or are you the over achiever that has all of your Christmas shopping done by the first of December?

If we’re being honest, I tend to fall into category number one. I sometimes think I’ve got this gift buying thing down, then am the last minute scrambler trying to make sure I have everyone checked off my list. Did I mention, I am a procrastinator? I am that person who feels like my best work is done when I have a deadline, like due that day. Been practicing this way of life since 2005. Thanks college for helping me to perfect it and learn absolutely nothing about getting my to do list done AHEAD of time.

Today, I wanted to share some amazing gift sets I think your people will love and ensure that you won’t be that last minute gift giver.

Here are a few options for the women in your life. Whether it be for your mom, sister, girlfriend or friend. This list has you covered.

Ladies, hoping this section will be of inspiration while shopping for your favorite guys this holiday season!

Wishing you all a great rest of your Tuesday! Comment below with any questions you may have and thanks for stopping by Baubles and Bowties Blog!



XO- Chelsi



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