New Year, New Changes

Hello, sweet friends!

I hope this post finds you well and that your New Year is off to an amazing start! With the chaos and hustle and bustle finally at a stand still, I felt it was necessary to sit down fill you in on whats been taking place these last couple of weeks.

Let’s go back to the beginning. For the past couple of years, I’ve been praying for guidance on what God has been stirring in my heart to fulfill, share, and accomplish. I have a degree in fashion and have always wanted to use that toward opening a store or doing exactly what I have been doing for the past few months through blogging and writing. Sharing fashion, great finds and all things I love has been so fulfilling for me and I’ve met some amazing and inspiring women in the process that have been such a light and so helpful when I feel overwhelmed in this cyber world. Trying to juggle wife life and mommin ain’t always easy but it’s more than worth it and I have loved every minute on this new journey!

So, with that, I’m writing to tell you that through countless hours of consult, prayers, advice, tears, frustration, and finally acceptance, I have decided to change the blog name. It’s a minor tweak, if you will, and nothing else will change. I am still going to be pursuing my goals and dreams, promoting brands, sharing fashion tips, sales and OBVIOUSLY our growing boy! This journey has been one that I have LOVED thus far and I can’t tell you how grateful I am for the opportunity to be able to share our lives with you all and live candidly, while being a stay at home mama to our little guy. I know God has amazing plans for each of us, for me, and even this blog. He knows my heart and my intentions, even if others don’t and that I created this space to share my passion and to live authentically. To watch Corbin grow and to share the daily, even if it’s mundane and uneventful. I intend to continue to do just that.

The truth is, we can do as much research as possible, try to be as original and make a conscious effort to do things the right way, yet unfortunately, sometimes mistakes happen, important details get overlooked and the scratch piece of paper with your own ideas and what you found so fitting, just isn’t yours anymore. What makes you successful is to continue to try until you get it right. To be yourself, learn and grow when situations aren’t ideal. To forgive and forget and realize, God closes one door just to open another. I will continue to put my faith in him above all, to love people and to hopefully inspire your wardrobe. 🙂

Cheers to starting 2018 better, stronger, and more motivated. I pray you will continue to follow along! I also want to say thank you!! I’m so thankful for you all; for reading, and being supportive of this dream. You will never know how much it means to me! I am beyond grateful for your love, encouragement and support!

Stay tuned, as the new name will be live this week! It’s a minor change and a weight lifted off of my shoulders, to say the least! I can’t wait to start writing again and to get back into the swing of things!

Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart! ❤️

XO- Chelsi

Photography by Hannah Berry Photography

My outfit provided by J. Roberts Clothing

Corbin’s outfit Target

6 thoughts on “New Year, New Changes

  1. Cannot wait to hear the new name! I love you so much and am so proud of everything you are accomplishing! ❤️

    1. I love you too!! Thank you so much for following this journey and for always loving and supporting me! You’re the best!❤️

  2. With tears tumbling down my face after reading your inspiring words I just have to say how VERY PROUD I am to be your mother! WOW… What a precious gift you are! Watching you battle with such frustration over the past month and praying diligently for the right thing to do with this blog… God answered our prayers and has great great plans for you. As you know by now I, your mother am your #1 fan! With that being said I know this brand new door that has opened is going to be phenomenal! I can’t wait for all of the beautiful things you have to share with us all! Your gift for writing, giving and loving with all of your heart just amazes me! Of Course your sense of style is just the icing on the cake! I can’t wait to watch this journey of yours unfold and remember I am along for the ride right beside you my girl! Grateful to GOD for you💕

    I Love You,

    1. Thank you so much, mom! You’re the best and I am so grateful for your unending love and support. So thankful to have opened a new door and I pray for guidance as I continue on this journey. I love you so much and am beyond appreciative of all you do to help me in making this dream a reality.

  3. Wow, what sweet words from your momma. It’s such a gift to have a mom who is always in your corner, rooting for you, cheering you on and proudly declaring her love. I hope to always make my son feel that way as he grows up…and forever!

    1. Thank you, Jill! I am so thankful for her and for her love and support always! It means so much to have your people to support and love you where you’re at! I’m sure you will make him feel loved and supported always!! Thank you for reading!!

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