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Here comes Peter Cotton Tail, hopping down the bunny trail… Hippity, Hoppity, Easter’s on its way! This song is currently on repeat in our household, and my son keeps asking when the Easter bunny is coming to lay eggs. We may need to re-tell the story of Easter, folks. Ha!

Anyways, I love, love this time of year for so many reasons! One, it finally feels like SPRING, and two, Easter always feels like a fresh start or new beginning to me. From the sadness of the crucifixion and death of Jesus to the joy and hope that lies in his resurrection brings forth so many emotions. It is inconceivable to comprehend the magnitude of pain and suffering Jesus endured and the weight of sin on is shoulders that encompassed his last day on earth. His love for us proves to be so powerful, even in the most horrendous of times. I can’t begin to fathom his thoughts or what he was experiencing. What I do know though, is that in three days, Jesus was raised from the dead and ascended into Heaven to sit at the right hand of God until He is to return. He overcame death and He LIVES! Even better is, He is coming for us one day and that, my friends, gives me HOPE and the fuel I need to navigate through life, each and every day. On those good and bad days. My hope rests in Him alone! It’s mind boggling and so incredible! He loves Us so much, friends! You and ME! Maybe thats why this time of year is so special. It’s a reminder of his unfailing, everlasting love for US. He is so good and I hope you are reminded of this and filled in this season of blooms and colored eggs. That he will make you new and give you that fresh start, if you so need it! Can I get an Amen?!

(well that escalated quickly) I didn’t intend on writing and spilling my heart into this fun and light-hearted post about what to wear for Easter, but there you have it! Hoping it will resonate with at least one of my readers and will give Hope in this new spring season.

So, you have the Holy Spirit. Now, what are you going to wear? I’ve compiled a few favorites to help you out! Here are some cute dresses, including kids outfit inspiration, which are options that can even double if you have a spring wedding or event coming up. I am loving all of the bright colors lately too. Neutrals are so classic and always in style but a pop of color in your wardrobe every now and then can be so cheery and fun. Take a look at these options below and hover and click on the images to be redirected, if you so choose.

And yes (#fail), my Gucci belt is upside down. I was running out the door, per usual as I am ALWAYS late and didn’t even think to look down while putting my belt on. So, needless to say, real life happens and I still loved these pics so I had to use them. Hoping by Easter I’ll have it together a little better. We will see! 😉

Besides the cute outfits, what are your Easter traditions? Do you take your kids to see the Easter bunny? Color eggs? Hunt them? Have family over? Generally, we color eggs and I plan on taking Corbin this week or the first of next to see the Easter bunny. They are always good pictures, and it’s a guessing game on how he will react. Easter Sunday is for us starts with church and is followed by gathering around the table with the ones I love most for a meal before the Easter egg hunting commences.

I love these traditions and soak them up, and at the end of the day am reminded to reflect on His love, and be thankful for the time we’re able to spend together as a family. No matter your traditions, I pray you will be Blessed this Easter season, that your outfit game will be strong, 🙂 and the light of Jesus will radiate through you!


Happy day, sweet friends!!


A special thanks to my mama for capturing these moments of Corbin and me!



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