Cinco De Mayo

It’s Monday and we’re five days away from Saturday, which also doubles as the funnest fiesta; I’m talking Cinco De Mayo! So today, I wanted to share the cutest dress that inspired this post from a local boutique here in Lubbock. It is literally the PERFECT dress for Cinco De Mayo, summer, or just on a day when you’re feeling a little extra! Which is me on most occasions, or at least on the days when I actually get dressed.

This cute dress caught my eye at Belly Couture, or BC as it’s known here and I fell in LOVE with the tassel detail that is so on-trend right now and the bright colors that pair SO good with my favorite neon wedges. It is fun, off the shoulder and did I mention, the perfect LBD for a party?! Which is why, this weekend we intend on actually getting a babysitter so I can wear it for more than just a photo! It is SO cute, y’all and if BC has any left, I would RUN and try to snag one as quickly as possible! Just sayin!!

As a New Mexico native, I grew up celebrating Cinco De Mayo in my home town every year because it was a great excuse to gather with friends and an even better one to whip out my Mama’s Margaritaville Marg maker! Roswell even hosted an event called “Party on the Pecos” that was annually put on by the Community League, where locals and those living in the surrounding areas would come to support and celebrate with food, live music and plenty of entertainment. It was a big to-do and I remember it being a highlight each year while growing up. Silly, but true!

Honestly though, what better way to celebrate Cinco De Mayo than with Mexican Cuisine, chips, guac and the towns best margarita! Am I right? You kind of have to! Even in college, my best friend and our sorority sisters always started our festivities by dressing up in our mumu’s and sombreros and sitting on the Chimy’s patio. Those memories have always been some of my favorites! They make for even better stories, and although I’ll spare the details, I can tell you, these will be the ones we reminisce about when we’re old ladies in our oceanfront retirement home, of course! 😉 They are just that good and unforgettable to say the least! Now, a day date with my guy on a patio with a little sunshine and a few of our friends is perfection. Conrad and I are much more low key in our old age! 😉 Side note, if you haven’t been to Chimy’s in Lubbock or Ft. Worth, I highly suggest it! Words of the wise, just don’t start out with a Cadillac or Dr. Pepper shoot out or you’ll be in bed extra early!

Whatever your plans, be sure to have fun, be safe and enjoy the day! I always love this time of year and the fact that this cute dress is coming with me is simply the salt on the rim of my margarita! Also, definitely check out BC and all of their fun new selections for summer. They always have a great variety for kids too!

Here are a few fun, tassel(y) favorites in case you’re in the market for a festive Cinco De Mayo dress or needing something for a beachy vacay!



Photography by Kimberly Correa

Dress: BC

Wedges: Marc Fisher

Earrings: J. Roberts Clothing

Clutch: Francesca’s and Amazon

2 thoughts on “Cinco De Mayo

  1. All the perfect VIBES on this posts! You are SO right Cinco de Mayo is one of my Favs too! So many great memories over the years and we intend to continue them! You look darling in this cute dress which is absolutely perfect for our May 5th outing to Chimy’s! Are ya sure you don’t wanna dig out that ol’ Sumbrero? Mom always has to throw in a laugh or two you know. Love the look you have chosen for this fun day. You are cute as always! xxoo

    Love from your biggest fan,

    1. Aw thank you mama! Can’t wait to wear this on the patio at Chimy’s! Love you so much!!

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