Straw Bags

Happy Tuesday!

So, one of my favorite aspects of putting together a great outfit is accessorizing. A fabulous pair of shoes and a fun bag are two musts when completing a look, whatever the occasion. One of my very favorite trends right now going from spring to summer is the straw bag trend. From clutches to totes, round and square, pom poms and leather clasps, there are options to fit the needs of everyone. Also, you don’t have to break the bank to get your favorite influencers look on Insta. Sure, there are options that range in price from $20 all the way to $400 but in my opinion, the lower prices are much more appealing and reasonable, especially for a summer bag or clutch that won’t be used as often, as say your Louis Vuitton or higher end, everyday bag. Therefore, I would vote, save vs. splurge when it comes to choosing which straw bag is right for you!

Styling. I love to style my straw bags by the pool in my favorite swimmy and even out to dinner in a fun striped or printed dress with my hubby. You can really pair these with just about anything. Florals, eyelets, shorts and tees. The sky really is the limit. I am really loving the look of the round style right now. It is so freakin cute and different from styles you normally see. Totally loving it and have one on the way so it will be seen A LOT!! Get ready, friends! I just think they have more character and are perfect for the essentials, being keys, wallet and a lippy. I am a pro at overloading my bags and tend to carry suitcases so a smaller more compact option is always a nice change. I’m sure my back appreciates the break too!

Take a look at these fun options below. Currently, they are all in stock and most are under $60.

Get your hands on one of the hottest items for the season and let me know your thoughts in the comments.



Jumpsuit Provided by J. Roberts Clothing

Clutch Francesca’s (Sold out)

Sunglasses here

White Blazer similar here

Jewelry by Maroxy Co

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