Sharing my heart on Memorial Day

It’s Memorial Day, friends.

I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend of relaxation, reflection and just enjoying your families. Today’s post is a little heavier hearted than usual but I’ve felt led to speak this message, so bless you if you stay with me til the end!

Although, this last weekend was the start of summer fun, hotdogs on the grill, celebrating at the lake and the great USA, I think it’s important to be reminded what we’re ultimately observing. Memorial Day is about respecting, honoring and paying tribute to our fallen heroes who laid down their lives for our country and freedom. I pray we all take a moment out of our day today to remember this, as well as the families who continue to mourn for their loved ones. Freedom isn’t ever free and today is a day in which we salute those who didn’t make it home, yet who fought the good fight and have given us the ability to enjoy this life, in a country we love without fear. Today is about being thankful for all we’ve been given and to pray for those who continue to serve, and give themselves so selflessly so that we may have the freedoms we so often take for granted.

With that, I sincerely felt it was necessary to share my heart as today marks the 150th Anniversary of Decoration Day, now known as Memorial Day and it felt more than appropriate to acknowledge this day as one where we lift up those who are hurting and strive to be better to one another as fellow Americans. Putting it simply, it’s so easy to be kind, y’all and to serve others. That’s what God put us on this earth to do and in retrospect, I’d say there’s still work to be done. I definitely won’t get into politics or my personal views, but if you watch or listen to anything regarding the news or simply observe the interaction between strangers, you know times are much different than they used to be. It appears as if we have grown callous to a lot of what we see and hear. All of the violence, indifference and constant battle of who is right and who is wrong, is in my opinion, exhausting and heartbreaking and frankly, unnecessary. Yet, with the negative, there really is still so much good in the world and we all have the ability to exert a positive contribution to society. All we have to do is look around us and be more aware. Take time to help your neighbor, go visit your grandparents, listen to a friend, love on your babies, even smile or say hello to a stranger you meet in passing. Days like Memorial Day really do put into perspective for me what really matters. I honestly think sometimes it takes a reality check, to bring us to our knees and give us exactly what we need to make us appreciate what’s right in front of us. Realizing life is short and unpredictable, and tomorrow is not at all promised.

“To be a soldier one needs that special gene, that extra something, that enables a person to jump into one on one combat, something, after all, that is unimaginable to most of us, as we are simply not brave enough.”   –Rupert Everett

“Our flag does not fly because the wind moves it. It flies with the last breath of each soldier who died protecting it.”

I pray this simple message convicts you today. To lead, love and give of yourself to those who care for you the most. I pray we start pouring into each other and that we would begin to bless one another instead of tearing each other down. We rise by lifting others. How true that is. That we will be one nation under God and live by His purpose and lead by His example, and that kindness would be a representation of His love everlasting. To unite and care for one another, regardless of our beliefs, bringing forth peace and understanding. Days like today make me realize how broken we are and have become, but also how strong we can be, and how we can bring the change we need to move forward. We have so much to GIVE America! We should all live like soldiers and show our gratitude to the fallen by living the life intended for each of us. Our days are numbered, but its what we do in those days that really count and live on. Leave your mark, do something meaningful, take time to care, thank a solider and love on those who need it most. Lastly, remember the ones who came before us, to make a better life, to give us hope, and to create a safe place for us to abide together. Live like a soldier, and never ever forget days like Memorial Day.

To the brave men and women who continue to serve and keep us safe every single day, although not sufficient, THANK YOU! You are true heroes and deserve to be recognized every possible opportunity that presents itself. Thank you for protecting our lives and freedoms.

“A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.” – Joseph Campbell

Be kind to each other and today if you know of, or see a soldier or veteran, say thank you, shake their hand and never forget their sacrifices. Then, pause for a moment to show your gratitude to those that never made it home.

God bless the USA and each of you, today and always.


With a grateful heart,


8 thoughts on “Sharing my heart on Memorial Day

  1. Thank you for taking the time to write such an excellent post and remind everyone……”lest we not forget”…. Love You!

    1. Love you, too! It’s easy to get caught up in the fun of the weekend! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  2. What an amazing and thoughtful post, Chelsi. Thank you for sharing your feelings and reminding us what is important.

    1. Thank you for reading, sweet lady! I hope you had a wonderful weekend!❤️

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