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Hi Friends!

I’ve been wanting to write about Corbin lately and all of the fun, cute, and not so cute things he’s been doing, just haven’t had the time to actually SIT in a while and get my thoughts together. Then last night he decided he wanted to stay with Glammy and Grumpy, so I thought, here’s my opportunity! Time to take a minute to tell you all or at least some of the things I want to say about him in this stage of three and give a little life update, if you will. It’s a little all over the place, so bear with me but it’s just something thats been on my heart to write about and something I hope to look back on someday.

Do you ever just sit in amazement at your children and just wish you could freeze frame time, if only for a moment?! I have been going through this, it seems a lot lately and time just continues to fly right by and age three is dwindling. I can’t believe Corbin will be FOUR in August. How did that happen? I still look at him and in those moments whisper “thank you” to God. Time really is a thief and the older I get the more I’m realizing these little moments are the ones that are the most meaningful. The truth us, it’s so easy to get sucked into our day in, day out lives and before we know it, our kids are grown and all thats left are the memories, baby books and photos, if we remembered to take any! Which is why, for me, I’ve started writing things down in hopes to remember what this season of life looked like. The good days, the bad days, the long days, and those I wish could last a lifetime. I hope to be able to give Corbin these “memories” someday but for now, I’m going to share them with you!

Let me begin by saying, Corbin has evolved this year and is becoming such a little man! Sometimes my mama heart breaks that he’s already so big and needing me less and less. It really is bittersweet, friends!! I remember the days when he was SO little, thinking I can’t wait for him to be a little bit older. It’s crazy how that feels like yesterday and that he’s getting older by the minute, is now such a toddler, and a little bit matter of fact, at that. I truly do love this phase and going through each stage with him, sometimes even wishing he could stay little forever, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say that three can be ROUGH too! The tantrums, pushing boundaries, and even on occasion when he tells me he likes daddy better or one of my favorites, “Mom, you’re impossible”. Three can be challenging, to say the least. Not to mention, we all know Conrad is more fun than I am! Ha, Mama lost that battle long ago, but apparently I need a reminder every now and then! Regardless, I wouldn’t trade the snuggles, giggles, extremely long bedtime stories, bear hugs, and all of the in between for anything in this world. Being his mommy is the biggest and best accomplishment of my life and this love is unlike any other! My heart grows as he does and I feel like even in those moments of chaos in the store when I’ve threatened to take him to the bathroom 100 times that there will be a day when I’ll miss even that. That’s why I chose to start a journal; things he that he says, and things that he does because I know someday I’ll want to look back and remember these sweet, silly, and even frustrating little moments. I’m also hoping I can use some of this for when he brings his first girlfriend home, when he’s 30, that is!

Now, I know ALL mama’s say this about their children but this little boy of mine is SMART! Like, sometimes the things and words that come out of his mouth, just amaze me. The other day we were running errands and he mentioned how if we lived by a lake or the ocean, it would be cool to have a car that would “transform” into a boat. He just uses words and sentences correctly and it’s pretty awesome. This was after singing all the months in the year and days of the week. All by himself. He loves his tools, can name all types and y’all I’m pretty sure they are his love language. Future wife, be prepared to buy lots of Black & Decker! This kiddos got a big vocabulary and honestly really always has but recently he seems to be using bigger, more profound words, and not always good ones! Oops! (I’m to blame for most of the profoundness) I too, am working on my language and asking Jesus regularly to help me get a handle on my words and practicing using them more wisely, especially when it comes to Lubbock traffic or catching my child pee in the outdoor dog bowl. Need I say more?

Lately, every time Corbin goes outside and finds a dandelion or something that resembles a flower and brings it to me then says, “Don’t kill this one, mommy”. It’s the sweetest little gesture and cracks me up considering they wilt the second he brings them inside. Yet I’m kind of starting to think he has my inability to keep plants alive figured out already. Either way, I think its the sweetest and so thoughtful of him to think of me, even if I kill them!

Corbin also shares and is kind, and although, a tad rambunctious at times, #boywillbeboys he has a heart for Jesus. He cares about his friends and is genuinely concerned about those he loves. We began soccer about two months ago and during one of his first practices, one of his sweet friends on his team was running and accidentally fell on the hard, dead grass which ultimately made his hand bleed a little (bless, we need rain so terribly). Corbin just stood there with his friend worried as the ball rolled right past them. He made sure his friend was okay before resuming play. Then, by the end of practice was giving his friends mom advice on how to care for his scratch. Neosporin and a band-aid should fix it right up, he told her. We may have an M.D. on our hands, friends! Dr. Henderson in the house! Really though, his sweet heart is one of my favorite things about him, among so many others.

One moment recently that has made me so proud of him is, he can now say the entire Lord’s Prayer. The whole thing, friends! He began learning the Lord’s Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance at school and has just continued to recite them at home with us. Y’all, it is the sweetest sound I’ve ever heard next to hearing him thank Jesus for literally everything during his prayers at night! He even says thank you for Daddy’s tools. I’ve never heard anyone thank the Lord for a jigsaw, but he sure does and we giggle a little. I love his prayers. They are sincere. He folds his sweet little hands, bows his head and just talks to God. I pray he will always turn to the Lord and that his relationship with the Almighty will only continue to blossom and grow through the years. That alone is beautiful, but my favorite part is after he kisses us goodnight, he whispers ” I love you to the moony moon”. It’s been our thing since he was just a babe and to carry this along is so special, as simple as it is. It’s our thing, and I love it!

Tractors. Tractors. Tractors. His one true love. Above, I mentioned doctor. Umm, we may want to re-think that, as farmer might better suit. He has about 20 or so different tractors, all shapes, sizes, colors and brands. This kid loves them! He knows skid steers from backhoes and excavators. I am slowly learning the difference, as he is teaching me. He knows so much about them and it’s truly fascinating. I wonder if he’ll always love them or if its something he’ll grow out of! Any who, if you need us, we’ll be down the road watching the construction take place in our neighborhood. NBD! Beyond tractors, he’s constantly learning and sharing all of his ideas, asking lots of questions and his innocence is so pure and precious. I love listening to him and how he thinks about things. If only we could just soak in the simple and let all the rest go. Life may be a whole lot different if we saw things the way children do. Yet, I pray we can teach him to love others, be kind, generous and that his heart would continue to know and grow in Christ each and every day! That someday he will be a serving and courageous man of God. Thats my hope for him in this life. He is a sweet, special little boy and I am so grateful I get to be his mama and raise him up. It truly is an honor and the best gift, even on the days when I am tired, have to dig a little deeper and motherhood isn’t looking its finest on me, I have to TREASURE those moments. Thats the only advice I have, friends. Treasure!

I hope you’re still with me, as I didn’t intend on writing a novel today, yet I hope I gave a little insight on our day to day and our sweet Corbin Lee. Looking back on this age and all of the fun we have had in year three, I feel so blessed. He is healthy, happy, lively, and so incredibly loved!

I’ll close with this sweet little quote “You will never have this day with your children again, tomorrow they will be a little older than they were today, this day is a gift, breathe and notice, smell and touch them, study their faces and little feet, pay attention, relish the charms of the present, enjoy today, it will be over before you know it.”

Have a happy weekend, my friends!






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  1. Excellent post. He is my best little bitty buddy, and love him so much. You and Conrad have done a good job with him.

    1. Thank you so much, Pa! Love you and appreciate you always reading the blog!

    1. Aw thank you so much, Vanessa! And thank you for reading!! Love you!❤️

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