Vi Peel & Sunspot Treatment

Hi friends and welcome to Wednesday! I hope you’re all having a wonderful week so far.

Today’s post is about to get super real, and by real, no makeup, my skin will be shown peeling like a snake and I’ll be sharing my expectations, experience, and results of the Vi Peel with you all today. Note: If you get grossed out easily, you may want to scroll past a couple of the photos shown.

If you know me personally or have been following along for a while, you know I HATE my sunspots. I was diagnosed with Melasma recently and had been treating them using a laser, which I found out is actually a treatment that can darken them and make them appear much faster after being treated. Oh goodie!! They are not harmful, but are a complete nuisance. Regardless, I have never liked them, feel self conscious without makeup and have been beyond ready to treat them in a different and more effective way for a couple of years now. Also, if you aren’t familiar, Melasma is also known as the Mask of Pregnancy, but is particularly common in women who are taking contraceptives, who are pregnant or who have spent a lot of time in the sun. I am the girl in that category who spent WAY too much time in the sun without a care in the world, or sunscreen on my face. So now, I have a significantly large sunspot on my cheek, that has darkened and when I became pregnant with Corbin became much more noticeable and never went away postpartum.

Therefore, I thought this would be the prefect opportunity to get my skin to where I want it to be and to get that healthy glow I’ve always wanted. The watch, we’ll get pregnant with baby #2 and I’ll have to start ALL over! Ha! Until then, fingers crossed, I’ll have smoother skin with less darkening!

Also, let me say since I used to bask in the sun with little to no sunscreen in my early twenties and just recently started using a moisturizer and sunscreen within the past couple of years, one piece of wisdom and advice I can give you is to take care of your skin NOW!!! As early as possible, y’all! I honestly wish I had been better younger. Sunscreen is a life saver! End rant! Seriously though, take it seriously at a younger age so you won’t have to do as much later! ūüėČ

Lastly, before we get into the peel, lets talk facials. Get them. As often as possible. If I’m being honest, I used to think they broke my skin out and I didn’t want to have zits all over my face but in our dry climate, they are a must! They are great for exfoliating, help to lock in moisture and keep your skin healthy and leave a fresh, dewy finish. I am starting to go regularly and am beginning to notice a difference in my skin and its texture simply from my monthly facials alone. I highly recommend doing this for your skin as frequently as you can. They are so worth it!

Finally, the reason for writing this post! I had discussed the Vi Peel with my esthetician, Alyson while getting a facial and she recommended this chemical peel for a variety of reasons. To even my skin tone, help with hyper-pigmentation, wrinkles and fine lines, but to also soften the texture of my skin and help to lighten my Melasma. We finished up my facial and booked my peel for the following week.

Honestly though after leaving and I had time to process what I had just signed up for, the idea of a “chemical” peel sounded a little terrifying in my opinion. I know SO many people get them and go regularly (yearly) but I was nervous going in that it would burn and that I would be totally miserable. When I arrived that following week, Alyson assured me it wasn’t nearly as bad as it sounds and that the end result would be worth it. She began by cleansing my skin and after put an alcohol based liquid on top to ensure I had nothing left on my skin before beginning the peel. So, it didn’t burn at all and I actually think I had worked it up much more than I needed to. She applied the peel and I was literally out of the office in 30 minutes max. She sent a kit home with me that contained products I would need for my home care over the next couple if days. The peel made my skin look orange leaving the day spa and got to be darker as the day went on. Below are three photos right after the peel was applied. FYI, I know my eyelashes are falling out! LOL! Also, none of these photos are touched at all.

There were towelettes, a facial cleanser, anti-itch cream and sunscreen. I was to wait 4 to 6 hours before using the towelette to scrub my face and then wash my face that evening with the cleanser before heading to bed. I made it the entire 6 hours with no problem. I was pretty impressed, considering the baby I am when it comes to discomfort. I wasn’t uncomfortable at all. I may have spoke a little too soon because about 30 minutes to an hour after washing my face, I was itching like CRAZY!!! Mind you, you aren’t supposed to scratch your face or peel anything so I was miserable to say the least. I took a couple Advil and finally fell asleep. It was honestly the worst part about this entire process. Or a close second to my skin falling off. Haha!!

The second day was nothing. I woke up, used the second towelette in my pack and washed my face then applied the anti-itch cream and sunscreen. I looked normal again and the itching was much more under control than the night before.

Day 3. Here is where it gets interesting. I woke up, used my final towelette, washed my face only to realize my skin was starting to peel and applied my anti-itch and sunscreen. By noon, I looked like Mrs. Doubtfire when she smashes her face into the whipped pie, only mine was skin, not cool whip. I literally wasn’t going ANYWHERE on day 3. Alyson warned me that the third and fourth days were the worst, and boy she wasn’t kidding! It was literally comical and so hard NOT to peel off. If you like to pick at your face, this may not be for you! My husband might have been terrified of me on day 3, just sayin. This is also where you may want to scroll haha! It’s pretty gross!!

Day 4. I would like to say it gets better, but I would be lying. I’m still losing my skin like a snake, but feel no itching or discomfort. By the end of the day, most of the skin has peeled off and I’m starting to look like a normal human again. PTL!! I used the cleanser, and anti-itch that evening before getting into bed.

Day 5. I went first thing to see Alyson for my post peel facial. It felt SO freakin good to get the left over skin removed and have my skin exfoliated. I left her office feeling like a brand new woman. I was also able to start using foaming cleanser as well and get back into a normal routine. I started using¬†Cera Ve¬†during this transition back to normalcy and liked how gentle it was on my skin. Alyson also recommended Organic Aloe Vera so I was also applying this at night and it helped with itching and to keep my skin moisturized. The Aloe can be found at any organic market. Sprouts is where I got mine. Here¬†is my moisturizer. It’s pricey but SO good. Alyson¬†also recommended to stay out of the sun, obviously during the peel, but also until my skin had healed enough, so around a week or so after the peel. Use sunscreen for that time frame and there after but crucially right after being treated. Also, take note: No waxing for two weeks after your peel.

After a couple of weeks, I noticed my sunspots were lightening, my skin felt so incredibly smooth and my make up was going on so well. My skin was balancing out and looking better every day. I experienced some acne as some things were coming to the surface, but the fine lines that I was starting to notice were no longer as visible. I did still have hyper-pigmentation but it was overall much better than before the peel. I would say thats a pretty big win after only a couple of weeks.

Now, having been a month, I can honestly say, I am happy with my results. I feel like my skin is much smoother, the texture is so much better, my sunspots have lightened, although, not completely gone, they have faded tremendously. We are currently talking and are going to do further treatments soon to help eliminate them even more, but for now, I feel really good in my skin and am so thankful to have found Alyson. She is so knowledgable, and I trust she would be the perfect person to contact regarding all your facial needs. Plus, she has beautiful skin and knows the importance of which products work best for which skin types. I am excited to continue this journey to healthy skin and I know Alyson will help me achieve my goals.

If you would like more information on the Vi Peel or any services pertaining to skincare, coolsculpting, botox or just need a good facial, contact Renew You Day Spa at 806-712-7368 and ask for Alyson Hamilton. She is amazing and so sweet, you will love her!!

Thank you so much for reading! I hope this is helpful and answers most questions you may have!!

Have a great week!!


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