Surprise!!! Baby Henderson #2 is on the WAY!!!

Surprise!!! Baby Henderson #2 is on the WAY!!!

We’ve been keeping a little secret… We’re PREGNANT!!!

Excited doesn’t even come close to describing our feelings about expecting our second baby! We’ve prayed and prayed and through tears, disappointment and then ultimately finding out we have been blessed with another sweet blessing has solidified my belief in how He has graciously given me the desires of my heart and our hearts as a family. What a great God we serve, y’all! We just feel so incredibly blessed and know that ultimately His timing is perfect. We are so thankful!

How we found out

I am one of those that knows pretty immediately that something is up. With every pregnancy (3) I have known super early, around 3-4 weeks. Which makes for a torturous couple of months since our doctor won’t see us until 8 weeks, unless there are signs of complications. So, I basically have to keep my mouth shut, and for those that know me, know that is HARD to do, and keeping the anticipation at bay as long as possible is near impossible. Also, I’m a horrible liar so keeping anything from my mom or my dearest friends is just not happening, especially if it’s something I am over the moon excited about! Anyways, I was feeling a little different and SUPER tired, so I thought, “I bet it’s nothing but I think I’ll take a test”. Three positive tests later and I was basically jumping up and down in the middle of the night and could hardly wait to tell Conrad. It was Father’s Day weekend so when Conrad FINALLY woke up and decided to grace us with his presence (it seemed like a lifetime til morning) I had a cute little sign and the test ( I know, gross) next to it so he wouldn’t know what the heck I was talking about! It was the sweetest and his reaction was the best! He was excited and to be honest he could have like ten kids, he really is the best daddy!! Moments like these are so amazing to share together and made me relive the moment we found out we were having Corbin. It’s indescribable and so special! Shortly there after, a few days later, because we couldn’t contain our excitement our families knew too, and Conrad may have spilled the beans to a few of our friends! 😉 It just couldn’t be kept!!


I seriously LOVED being pregnant with Corbin. I remember my doctor calling me and telling me he was going to induce me and I literally cried! Lol! I was so content (said no 9 month pregnant women ever HA!) but I truly was! One thing I don’t remember being was overly exhausted or maybe I’ve just forgotten in the past four years. This time around I will tell you, I am chronically exhausted. Which isn’t normal for me, as we’re always on the go around here! Like, I’m so tired that by about 4 p.m., I’m ready for bed, no joke! Corbin is very active so that may be part of it but I’m hoping my second trimester will give me more energy, and am actually praying on it. Ain’t nobody got time to be this tired with a busy toddler! I also tend to get nauseous from time to time and never experienced that before, so it’s definitely a little different.

Now, let’s talk food! I’m all about carbs, meat, and snow cones, and I want a huge coke from time to time! I don’t usually give in, but am led to wonder if I’m pregnant or just nursing a hangover! It feels like reliving my college days, y’all! So weird! I’m REALLY hoping the craving for fruit and veggies like I did with Corbin comes back ASAP or I’ll need to get on a more consistent work out regimen. 😉 I’ll be 11 weeks tomorrow, we’re due February 21st, so we are nearly done with trimester one and all is well with baby! PTL!!!

Lastly, I am SO excited about being preggo during the winter! Who doesn’t love oversized sweaters and leggings?! HOLLA! This mama is ready to style this bump in all things fall and winter! Last time I was pregnant during the summer, and I loved every minute of living in dresses, although I think this being completely opposite makes it so exciting too and will be a fun change! Not to mention, one of the silly upsides I know Conrad is thankful for is that my Nordstrom bill was MUCH lower this year during the #nsale!! AHHH! Only because I won’t be able to wear all that cuteness for very long. He totally lucked out! Stay tuned for all the maternity style, friends!! I am already planning!!! Lol!

How we told Corbin

We decided not to tell Corbin until my first doctors appointment. Talk about hard to keep a secret. Try keeping anything from a three year old, it’s not as easy as it seems. We went into the room with the sonography machine first and the nurse showed Corbin the baby. He looked a little confused at first, then the heartbeat sounded loudly, and Corbin’s response was “are those twins”? I probably had a look of confusion on my face after that question. So far it’s only one! He then proceeded to tell the nurse very matter of factly that I grew him in mamas tummy so I could grow another baby too, and that “his” baby wasn’t quite ready. He told her he was going to take care of “him” but wasn’t going to be changing any diapers. I believe it was a ‘No Way José” moment! Conrad got it all on video and it was the cutest! He also tells me daily that it’s a boy! 🙂 We shall see! It was so sweet and fun to tell him there and he’s so excited to have a playmate and friend! He got the very first picture and it’s on display on his message board in his room, which melts my heart. He is going to be the best big brother and we simply can’t wait to shortly be Henderson party of four!!

Thank you so much for reading!! I am so thankful for your love, support, and prayers in this new and changing season of life and can say our hearts feel so full already! I also hope you’ll stick around as we share what’s to come and what we’ll be having in the next few weeks!! Are you team boy or team girl? Tell me in the comments!

Wishing you a blessed week, friends!!



For this child I have prayed and the Lord has given me the desires of my heart. 1 Samuel 1:27

Thank you to Kimberly Correa for capturing this exciting and special time for our family!

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Nordstrom Sale Kids Picks

Hello friends!

As if you aren’t already tired of hearing about the Nordstrom Sale, I am here to share even more. Today, we’re talking kids and baby gear. I have selected my top picks for you to shop if you have little ones.

Also, I think this sale is the perfect opportunity to score a nice winter coat, jeans and boots or tennis shoes for the upcoming fall season and into the winter months. I would segues sizing up one size in The North Face brand, in my opinion, they tend to run small. Also, mamas-to-be, if you’re looking for a carseat/stroller combo, look no further. There is one blow that is listed several hundred dollars off and will fulfill both carseat and stroller needs that you may have. Plus, so much more in baby gear!

If you have any questions regarding sizing, DM me or comment below! Happy Thursday!!




Nordstrom Public Access (Fall Picks)

Public access for the Anniversary is LIVE!!!

I wanted to share some of my fall must haves with you that you can also click on individually to be redirected to the Anniversary Sale to shop. By clicking on one of my links below, I am able to make a tiny percentage of commission so it’s pretty cool and also makes putting together posts and linking for hours so worth it! If you do shop through my blog, THANK YOU!! It means SO much!!

Now, back to the important stuff! I’ve linked my favorites below, starting with my favorite category, shoes! Enjoy, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to message me on IG or facebook, or leave a question in the comments below.


Happy shopping!!



Sweaters & Cardigans










Coats & Jackets






Nordstrom N-SALE Shopping

Hi everyone!

Here is a round up of my try-on session at Nordstrom yesterday!

If you have any questions, message me and I would be happy to help any way I can!!

Happy Sunday!!

It’s Finally Here!!! Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

It’s Finally Here!!! Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Good (early) morning!!!

It’s finally time to unveil some of my very favorites from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. It has been a highly anticipated event and a day that I creeped on ALL my favorite BIG bloggers to get a sneak peak into the sale. SO many good things!!

If you’re new to following, this is actually my very first year on this side and I am SO excited to be sharing all of my finds with you from the big sale! I’ll actually be in Las Vegas this weekend so you’ll be getting a closer look at my try-ons that way as well! I can’t wait to see it all in person!

For now, here are some of my favorite fall trending pieces. Some of these will sell out super fast, so if you have your eye on any of these pieces, be sure to snag them ASAP! I am looking at items this year, that are affordable, that I can see myself wearing often and that I can pair with other pieces I already own. Check out my finds below! There will be plenty more to come, but this is a good start!

 Shop the Entire Sale Here!

Shop my Fall Must Haves Below

Camel Coat


Steve Madden Snakeskin Slides


J. Brand Jean (Under $100)

Barefoot Dreams Cardigan

Topshop Cardigan

BP. Striped Sweater

Madewell Sweater

Vince Camuto Bootie(TTS)

Sam Edelman Knee Boot (TTS)

BP. Bootie

Best tee EVER

Spanx Moto Leather Legging

Spanx Camo Leather Legging

BP. Mock Neck Sweater (color block)

Leopard Bow Mules (size up 1/2 size)

AG Raw Hem Jeans (TTS) I wear a 26

Blank NYC High Waisted Jean

Suede Jacket

Again, there are so many more amazing items to come! Stay tuned friends and happy shopping!!!



Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Prep

Hello friends!!

If you haven’t already heard, the best sale of the YEAR is on the horizon! I’m talking about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!!

It is probably my all time favorite, just because the deals are SO good, and it’s my favorite season to shop for. FALL!!!

I also just love Nordstrom for an array of reasons. One being FREE SHIPPING and the other,  FREE RETURNS!! So many retailers don’t do this so the perks of shopping with Nordstrom are just so good. I also love that they have a vast selection of price ranges. It’s not all super high end and many items are affordable and the higher end are staples you will have for years to come. It has always been one of my very favorite retailers just because whatever I’m looking for, I can almost ALWAYS find there.

Now, lets talk the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. This is a sale that happens annually and is brand new merchandise for the fall season that is heavily discounted for a short period of time.

Dates to know: 

Cardholders can begin shopping on July 12th.

the sale is open to the public on July 20th.

Sale officially ends and prices go back up on August 6th.

Cardholder Info

If you aren’t already a Nordstrom card holder, I highly encourage it. Only if you are a responsible card user and have the means to support it. I suggest applying for one, because A. You gain access to the sale first (July 12th), and B. It has many perks. You receive triple points and Nordstrom notes that are added in every time you make a purchase and the notes are like “free” money that can eventually go towards a purchase of your choice. The card is great to use for the Nordstrom sale and beyond. Pay it off right after purchasing and continue to embrace the opportunities you will receive with it.

Apply Here For Nordstrom Card

What to Buy?

Shop smart. Go into the sale with a plan. Make a list beforehand of what you may need for the upcoming fall season so you don’t overspend. Buy pieces that are staple items and that you may be able to use for seasons to come. For instance one of my favorite purchases last year was a pair of studded booties I had been eyeing for forever. They were on sale for half the price and have been such a great investment. I also have loved my leather jackets, Spanx faux leather leggings and AG jeans that will be items I wear for years to come. Above are a few photos of my favorite finds from last years N-Sale.

N-Sale Catalog

What will I be buying this year?

I will probably invest in some new leggings, potentially a pair of jeans and obviously will browse the shoes. Nothing crazy, as I have learned from the previous sales. One great thing though is order it and try it, then if it doesn’t work, send it back for free and a full refund.

Enjoy shopping and feel free to ask me any questions you may have!! 

There will be several Nordstrom post this month so be prepared to shop!!





P.S. Be on the lookout for a giveaway happening this weekend for a chance to win a Nordstrom gift card in time to shop the sale!!