4 things I am loving about my 4 year old!

Happy Tuesday!

As you may have seen recently, Corbin turned four on August 6th. To put it lightly, I can hardly believe I have a 4 year old little boy. Time just seems to go by WAY too fast for my liking and before I know it he will be 18. I don’t even like to think about it!!

Something you may also already know is that we were on a cruise during his actual birthday celebration so getting to write about him just wasn’t possible. Now that we’re home, I thought I would sit down and type up 4 of my most favorite things so far about the big FOUR and our sweet boy!

Besides the fact that he can now grab his own snacks, ha, I love that he enjoys responsibility, even at four. He helps me around the house, has learned how to make his own bed, will carry a load of laundry to the washer and likes to transfer it once washed, puts up dishes from the dish washer (all of these things with my help) and genuinely loves to work and to feel included in all that Conrad and I do. He is honestly JUST like his daddy and likes to stay busy doing different things all the time. This gives me so much comfort because I know he will be such a great little helper when his baby brother/sister is born simply because of how he already is. Conrad is also already teaching him the ropes to the business as well! 😉 They are constantly building, fixing, and constructing in our garage. I think it’s precious that he has a heart to serve and I hope he always does.

Secondly, Corbin is so creative and adventurous! Whether he’s batman with his cape saving the world, calling for backup on his pretend radio, or simply running across the yard to see how far he can slide on the slip n’ slide, he is always full of fearlessness and adventure. I love that little boys are this way and in this life, I pray that he can always find a sense of adventure in all he does. That his child-like ability to have fun never wavers. He finds so much joy in the little things in life and makes anything exciting and entertaining.

His dance moves. Y’all, talk about shake what your mama gave you! Ha, he definitely got his moves from me. Bless his heart! His newest move that happens to be my favorite is called “washing his hair.” It’s hilarious!! I love to watch him dance and make crazy, silly faces. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s the kid doing the worm at the school dances one of these days. Do they still have those? I’ll have to share a video of some of these dances he comes up with soon. I die. They never cease to make this mama and whoever else is around smile.

I could go on and on, and kind of do in this last paragraph, so hang tight but have to share a few things off the top of my head that he’s said or done in recent months. If you know Corbin, you know he likes to analyze and is already becoming quite the negotiator. I should probably get onto him a little more for this, but for now I think it’s funny and harmless. I know I’ve mentioned this before but he stays with my parents one night weekly, and he and his Grumpy were up early deciding what to eat for breakfast one morning, when Corbin suggested ice cream. Grumpy politely explained that ice cream for breakfast isn’t a very healthy option, and Corbin’s response was matter of factly that it had to be healthy because it had nuts on it. “Anything with nuts is healthy, Grumpy. Gosh!!” He says some of the darnedest things and his ability to justify what he wants can be interesting, yet rivoting. Another instance recently is when we went to the pool and he was just super cranky. I honestly thought he was just tired and so instead of continuing to swim, we decided to load up and head home. On the way, he ate a snack and sweetly apologized for his behavior, stating that he was really sorry, but boy he was hungry. Just like that! Haha! It can be really hard to be stern with this one, y’all. I try but he just has a way of melting my heart and making me giggle. Like yesterday, an ambulance pulled into our neighborhood and took one of our neighbors to the hospital. As they passed, Corbin waved at the EMT asked if we could say a prayer for them. He bowed his head and held my hand and asked for Jesus to make them feel better. All by himself. I stood there in a puddle just thinking wow, how sweet it is.

I’ve said it before and will more than likely say it a million more times, but I feel like such a blessed mom and I hope that every day he knows I love him with everything I am, yet knows Jesus loves him even more. Just when I feel like I’m failing on those harder days and feel I haven’t taught him just what he needs, he does something out of the blue that completely blows my mind. We pray every night together, and the fact that he has carries that into each day, like yesterday makes me realize, we are guiding him on the most important path. The right path. My simple prayer in year four and for years to come is that he continues to learn to rely on the Lord and obviously that he will always be his mama’s boy. The fact is, he is growing up my friends, and as amazing as he is becoming, I too just have to pause and say thank you for such a wonderful gift and another year to celebrate our sweet Corbin Lee.


With a grateful heart,




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2 thoughts on “4 things I am loving about my 4 year old!

  1. Thank You for blessing us all with the sweetest little boy! One thing is for sure… He’s the bright spot to all of our lives. You and Conrad are doing a perfect job raising him to love Jesus with all of his big heart! Best thing ever!!! We too hope he has a great 4 yo year. We look forward to the many things he is going to learn and the happiness he is going to give us all watching him! Glam and Grumpy love you SO much Corbin Lee!


    1. Thank you for reading!! He’s such a precious boy and I am so thankful he’s ours!! Thank you for being the best Glammy and Grumpy around!! He is the luckiest to have y’all!! Love you!!!

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