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Happy Thursday!

A couple weeks ago we were contacted by a company known as, Cuddle & Kind and within days Corbin was sent the sweetest package with so much meaning. Not only does Cuddle & Kind  create the cutest handmade dolls, they do so with kindness and thoughtfulness for others and have such a big heart for those in need. Each doll sold provides 10 meals to help feed children around the world who otherwise may go hungry. An even sweeter bit of detail, Cuddle & Kind was established by a family of five. Derek and Jen and their three beautiful children created this company to help others, little did they know they would reach MILLIONS. Together as a unit they have provided nearly 4.5 million and counting meals to children in need and have a goal set of one million meals per year. How cool is that?! You guys know my love for charity, heart for helping others whenever possible and when it comes to children, animals and elderly, I am all in! Therefore, having been contacted by C&K was such an honor to assist in providing meals for children around the world.

I feel like everyone who has littles should invest in one of their handmade, precious dolls for your babies. Right now if you buy any two dolls, you will get two of their matching prints free of charge, plus free shipping and in turn can feed 30 meals to children nationally and globally, all while saving around $47 dollars, for a limited time. Another feature that named this toy the best of 2016 is that they come in two different sizes, are named, have their own special birthday, and a favorite quote. I will say, Corbin has LOVED Scout the deer and Scout has literally been so many places in the last couple of weeks. You might say he’s a world traveler! We chose Scout, not only because he is adorable, but his quote is “Follow you heart. It always knows where it’s going.” I found this to be so sweet and something I hope Corbin will always remember as he grows. Corbin sleeps with him every night, reads to him, and takes him on all of our adventures. It really is so precious and I love that he’s going through this phase of having to have Scout everywhere we go!

If you’re interested in learning more about Cuddle & Kind and their mission and impact on so many children, check out their website here. You will love their sense of uniqueness and great selection of handmade knit dolls for girls and boys. Talk about a great gift for a baby shower or birthday and a gift that will be cherished forever!

Thank you to Cuddle & Kind for letting us share and give more insight into the wonderful things you’re doing! We love Scout so much!!



4 thoughts on “Cuddle & Kind

  1. I absolutely love the entire concept of this company…. Just such a true blessing to this world! I love that Corbin has such a sweet connection to his FOREVER Scout! Where he goes, Scout shall go as well!
    Love this post Chelsi… Love You!

    1. Thank you so much for reading!!! Loved being a part of this and can’t wait to order the new baby one!! Such a wonderful company!! Love you!!!

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