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Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you all had an amazing weekend! Mine consisted of watching my husband paint in the baby’s room, knocking out a few piles of newborn laundry, a tee ball game and rounded it out with an amazing shower hosted and attended by some of my very favorite people! I feel so blessed and this baby is already spoiled rotten, let me tell you! We definitely have felt so much love this weekend and beyond and my heart feels overwhelmingly grateful.

I’ve been meaning to write for a while now (life happens) and finally share some of my maternity photos with you all, as I am OBSESSED! Kim, my photographer always seems to just knock my vision right out of the park, y’all. She is seriously so gifted and amazing! I’m 35 weeks this week so I figured, now would be the opportune time to share before our sweet baby girl decides to make her debut. I absolutely loved having my favorite little guy with me all dressed up on that chilly West Texas winter day too. He is just so dapper and he melts my heart. I just know he will be such a wonderful big brother.

I’m not going to lie, I’m starting to feel rather large in this final phase of pregnancy. I’m living in leggings, well I have been this entire time, but my husbands t-shirts have never been more appealing. I am constantly lathering my belly in all the creams and oils created, as I don’t know how much more my skin can stretch and have been drinking water by the gallons. I also like to end my days with a nice warm bath and some chamomile tea with a splash of honey to help me sleep. I think I’ll be prepared for when she arrives because I literally hardly ever sleep. This has been my only major complaint this entire pregnancy. I feel good and have felt good besides the no sleeping bit. Bless Corbin’s heart, I know by the end of the day I can be and probably more like am, Momzilla. Did any of you have trouble sleeping the entire pregnancy or at all? I’m hoping and optimistic this will just prepare me once we make this transition with a newborn. πŸ˜‰

I also forgot how heavenly Dreft smells. The things we forget over the years. I have a feeling there will be many moments that will need some refreshing this time around. Corbin is so self sufficient that I know it will be an adjustment having a new baby again. Then again, putting together her little outfits is already so fun and getting my hospital bag all ready to go has me giddy! I can’t wait to share in a post what all I’ve packed and will be taking to the hospital, along with what’s in Conrad’s bag. We’re just excited and preparing for this precious blessing. I’ve also been putting some items together for Corbin. I want him to feel included in every aspect so I’m making him a big brother bag that he will get when he comes to meet her for the very first time. I think it’s so important for us to remember his feelings and share in his joy (or sorrow) ha as he becomes the big brother to his little sister. I literally cannot wait to see him with her and to watch him hold her. More than likely, I’ll be over here ugly crying! Lol, I’m such a sap when I think about these moments. I’ll also share what I’m putting in his bag when we share our hospital bags! πŸ˜‰

For now, we’re finishing up the nursery, I’m eating all the things, and we’re soaking up these last few weeks of it being just the three of us. I am so excited to soon be Henderson party of four and know she will be the perfect addition to completing our family.


Have a great week, friends!

XO- Chelsi

Photos: Stills and Ink Photography


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  1. These are the most gorgeous maternity photos I have ever seen!! That dress is absolutely stunning… Emerald is your color! #goals

  2. Love this little story and I might just add that Glammy might need a bag filled with lots of tissue! My heart will be full of joy adding this granddaughter into our lives! πŸ’—πŸŽ€πŸ’—

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