Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is just around the corner! Who wants to make a bet that we’ll be in quarantine for Mother’s Day and get out just in time for Father’s Day? Corona does it again folks! Totally kidding and feel like dad’s should be equally celebrated but thought the likelihood of that being our situation this year was pretty humorous!

Today I wanted to give you some ideas in case you wanted to order anything for the special lady in your life, as I know with the mail and all of the overwhelming elements occurring could very possibly delay her gift. So getting a jump start is never a bad idea. A few things to also keep in mind, especially in our current situation and as a proud supporter of small businesses,  to remember to shop small too! Gift cards can always be used at a later date once its safe to be out and about again. A gift card to her favorite local shop, nail spa, or to get a massage, or facial is always thoughtful and will be much needed after being under a stay at home order for so long. Shoot, may want to throw a syringe of Botox in there too, Conrad (HINT, HINT). Seriously though, pandemic or not, I love a gift card and don’t know anyone who doesn’t appreciate an opportunity for a little pamper session or me time! Keep that in mind when you’re thinking of the perfect gift to show your love and appreciation.

Another unique gift idea is a subscription! I love these because it always feels like Christmas when they arrive at the door. FabFITFun boxes are always impressive in the amount of products and trending items you receive. Style her for a quarter or for a full year with a Stitch Fix or Trunk Club subscription. Such an easy and amazing service that will allow her to select and modify her specific preferences and send back what she doesn’t absolutely love. How cool is that?! Scentbird is another neat one. She can browse up to 500 scents and select what she wants to try for less than $15 per month. The frequency of receiving these subscriptions can be customized and tailored to fit her individual needs as well.  Choose autoship, skip, or completely cancel if she so desires. I love that about these services. They truly cater to what your specific needs are all while on your phone or computer. So easy, fun, and such a unique experience she’ll love.

Below is a list of things I’ve found that either I have loved and was gifted, or will be gifting this year with a little randomness in between! 🙂

I’m a sentimental gal so gifts with meaning are so special to me. A few of my favorites from past Mother’s Day celebrations have been a locket with Corbin’s picture and name on it, personalized rings, a necklace with both the kids initials, my “mama’ necklace, photo books, and sweet handwritten notes and scribbles from the kids. These are precious and things I will keep and cherish and that I gravitate towards often and love to wear and re-read.

At the end of the day, the most important of all is that she knows you love her. A simple hug, kiss, and I love you does the trick and is the most meaningful of all! It’s about sharing and making memories, and showing those you care about how important they are to you each day. Now that I’m a mom, I get it. All of the things my mom used to tell me, the sweet memories she still shares of my brother and I and watching us grow. It truly has become and is the joy if my life and to be able to witness and love my two little humans is beyond the most precious of gifts. There isn’t a love that compares to being a mother and to me is a constant reminder of God’s great love for us. A significant bond that goes beyond all understanding. Its the most beautiful gift.

Motherhood in this season of so much uncertainty has shown me that slowing down to play basketball or to chalk the driveway, go on family bike rides, bake lots of cookies, and read lots of books really is the silver lining. This season has brought me back to whats really and truly important, what matters and who my little people are becoming. It’s allowed me to take a breath and to enjoy the small things. Is everyday unicorns and rainbows? No. Are there hard days where I feel like Conrad can’t walk through the door fast enough? Absolutely! In the midst of those, there are also LOTS and LOTS of really amazing days and days I hope they look back on and remember the fun, the silly and the love. So much love! When I tuck Corbin and Camilla into bed, I hope they know how much I treasure our days and that this overwhelming thankfulness that engulfs me never goes away, even when they are grown and don’t need me like they do right now. In this season, I am grateful and humbled that I get to be their mom. Thankful for our health, for lots of laughter, and days to play outside. This Mother’s Day may look a little different but regardless its perfect because I have them.

I pray this Mother’s Day blesses you and emphasizes all of the good and beauty in your life. Whether it’s your first Mother’s Day as a new mom, a first without your mom, another year of celebrating with your kids, spending the day with someone who is like your mom, or if you’re yearning to be a mom, I pray it is a day filled with hope. A day that inspires you, is a reflection of your good work,  and a reminder of all of the love surrounding you. Praying it will be a day to recognize and honor the amazing and wonderful women we know, we are, and we have yet to become.

Happy Mother’s Day!


XO- Chelsi


Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Hello friends!

Mother’s Day is fast approaching so I thought it would be a great opportunity to offer a little inspiration when it comes to gift-giving for the most important women in your lives. Mother’s do so much and are the cornerstone of most families. They are the nurturer, housekeeper, teacher, personal chef, caregiver, nurse and most importantly the heart of all things good. When Luke Bryan sings, “most mama’s outta to qualify for sainthood” he’s not kidding! I am so blessed to have a mother like mine and can only hope and pray to be half the woman, wife, mother to Corbin and friend she is to all who meet her. She has a heart of gold, is incredibly talented, loves Jesus and her kind spirit is second to none. These are just a few unique and beautiful characteristics, that I admire most about her and I know others do as well. Her influence has impacted me positively in so many ways, and I hope she feels our love for her on Mother’s Day and each day in between. We truly are the luckiest that she is ours and blessed by her in so many ways!

Now, lets talk gifts! Whether you’re shopping for your mother, grandmother, sister or friend, there is something for everyone!

First, I’m the sentimental guru in our family so I love photos, photo books and anything relating to memories. Last year my husband surprised me with a Mommy & Me photoshoot taken by my sweet friend Tara (her website is at the end of this post) and it was so sweet and something I will always cherish. He did SO good! Speaking of cherish, Shutterfly is such a great resource for those who love sentimental gifts! Their hardcover, photo books, and even photo blankets are perfect for that someone who loves tangible, well thought out gifts that can be glanced at and admired for years to come. I personally love this concept because it is simple, and the website makes creating so easy, yet it is something she can hold on to and keep forever and look back at the memories made with those she loves most. Create a photo book of your most recent vacation together as a family, or a significant event that your mother or wife hold dear to their heart. I made an album of Corbin and my pictures from last year so I can remember that sweet Mother’s Day and those precious moments. It really was one of my favorite gifts Conrad’s ever given me.

Now, some may say a gift card is impersonal but for me, a gift card to my favorite retailer or spa is AHHMAZING!!! Whether locally or afar, indulging in a little retail therapy or a girls day for a massage is always a good idea and one most mama’s need! Freshening up your wardrobe and having the ability to do solo shopping, get a pedicure or eyelashes done without the iPad entertaining your child is a little slice of heaven in my book and a “nailed it” moment if you’re the gift giver. Husbands, your wives will love you for this! Here are a few of my favorites!

Lovely Me Boutique

The Woodhouse Day Spa

J. Roberts Clothing

Stock Style Shop


Paint Nail Bar



Tucker Brown

Renew You

Forget Me Knot


Castle Nail Spa

Subscribing to personal style brands is also fun, effortless, and exciting. Trunk Club, Stitch Fix and Rocksbox are all great options for the mom on the go that doesn’t have time to shop but enjoys the process and receiving something new every now and then. If you know her size, likes and style this may be an idea that your mother or wife would love. Plus, its a fun surprise monthly and can be inexpensive, as it’s a small monthly styling fee and depending on what is kept in the box, those items will be charged on the card on file. Speaking of subscriptions, a monthly wine subscription isn’t a bad idea either.

Here are the websites as mentioned above if interested in personal styling or a different way to shop. Plus, you can get your first Rocksbox subscription free with the code Bluebonnetsandbowtiesxoxo at checkout!

Trunk Club

Stitch Fix


Bright Cellars

Another one of my favorite gifts to give the women in our family and even to receive that I feel are meaningful and life-breathing are daily devotionals. When I rise, give me Jesus! Amen! I love reading mine in the mornings to start my day and feel like they just help me begin refreshed and ready to conquer whatever lies before me. Here are a few that I have read and love, as well as a few I would love to receive!

Jewelry. I don’t know a woman that doesn’t like receiving jewelry, or I guess I should say, have yet to meet one. Personalized jewelry is special, unique and a reminder of who she is and what she means to those around her. Kelli with Sweetheart Designs does an amazing job in creating beautiful personalized jewelry she will LOVE. Name rings and initial necklaces are just a few specialties. She has a vast selection and many options to choose from and will also customize to fit your needs. You can view her entire collection here.

Sweetheart Designs

Who likes a clean house? Who doesn’t? Or a clean car? Give her the gift of a house keeper or have her car detailed. This is a gift she will deeply appreciate. Trust me. I personally have someone come once a month, sometimes twice to clean our home and it’s a service that distresses me and in my opinion is worth EVERY penny. Just that deep clean and having someone come in (obviously someone trustworthy) and clean what you may not see, really does make a difference. Happy wife, happy life! It really is true! I feel I am a much more pleasant person with a clean and tidy house! 😉

I also wanted to list a few items that are time savers, helpful, something anyone would appreciate and love and that are for everyday use and wear!

Lastly, I wanted to mention that you don’t have to spend tons of money, or do anything extravagant just to let her know you care. Make your mom breakfast in bed, take her to lunch and a movie or just spend the day with her. Show your love with a simple card and a pretty bouquet of flowers. Just take time to show her she is loved, needed, appreciated and valued. Tell her you love her, for time is indeed precious and memories are most important over all the gifts in the world!

Happy Mother’s Day to all mother’s and moms-to-be out there, especially to mine!! I hope your day is as beautiful as you are!



Photography by: Tara Hobgood Photography