Maternity Pictures

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you all had an amazing weekend! Mine consisted of watching my husband paint in the baby’s room, knocking out a few piles of newborn laundry, a tee ball game and rounded it out with an amazing shower hosted and attended by some of my very favorite people! I feel so blessed and this baby is already spoiled rotten, let me tell you! We definitely have felt so much love this weekend and beyond and my heart feels overwhelmingly grateful.

I’ve been meaning to write for a while now (life happens) and finally share some of my maternity photos with you all, as I am OBSESSED! Kim, my photographer always seems to just knock my vision right out of the park, y’all. She is seriously so gifted and amazing! I’m 35 weeks this week so I figured, now would be the opportune time to share before our sweet baby girl decides to make her debut. I absolutely loved having my favorite little guy with me all dressed up on that chilly West Texas winter day too. He is just so dapper and he melts my heart. I just know he will be such a wonderful big brother.

I’m not going to lie, I’m starting to feel rather large in this final phase of pregnancy. I’m living in leggings, well I have been this entire time, but my husbands t-shirts have never been more appealing. I am constantly lathering my belly in all the creams and oils created, as I don’t know how much more my skin can stretch and have been drinking water by the gallons. I also like to end my days with a nice warm bath and some chamomile tea with a splash of honey to help me sleep. I think I’ll be prepared for when she arrives because I literally hardly ever sleep. This has been my only major complaint this entire pregnancy. I feel good and have felt good besides the no sleeping bit. Bless Corbin’s heart, I know by the end of the day I can be and probably more like am, Momzilla. Did any of you have trouble sleeping the entire pregnancy or at all? I’m hoping and optimistic this will just prepare me once we make this transition with a newborn. ūüėČ

I also forgot how heavenly Dreft smells. The things we forget over the years. I have a feeling there will be many moments that will need some refreshing this time around. Corbin is so self sufficient that I know it will be an adjustment having a new baby again. Then again, putting together her little outfits is already so fun and getting my hospital bag all ready to go has me giddy! I can’t wait to share in a post what all I’ve packed and will be taking to the hospital, along with what’s in Conrad’s bag. We’re just excited and preparing for this precious blessing. I’ve also been putting some items together for Corbin. I want him to feel included in every aspect so I’m making him a big brother bag that he will get when he comes to meet her for the very first time. I think it’s so important for us to remember his feelings and share in his joy (or sorrow) ha as he becomes the big brother to his little sister. I literally cannot wait to see him with her and to watch him hold her. More than likely, I’ll be over here ugly crying! Lol, I’m such a sap when I think about these moments. I’ll also share what I’m putting in his bag when we share our hospital bags! ūüėČ

For now, we’re finishing up the nursery, I’m eating all the things, and we’re soaking up these last few weeks of it being just the three of us. I am so excited to soon be Henderson party of four and know she will be the perfect addition to completing our family.


Have a great week, friends!

XO- Chelsi

Photos: Stills and Ink Photography


Last minute stocking stuffers

I’m always on the hunt for last minutes ideas I can throw in stockings that are fun, inexpensive and something my loved ones will enjoy.

I found 25 great options for women, men, and children that I think you may also enjoy shopping. Scarves under $10 with the majority of these items being under $20 and most even arriving just in the St. Nicholas of time! Kids doodle pads and slime (y’all may hate me for that) and just a few more silly items perfect to complete your holiday shopping! Take a look below and happy stuffing!

XO- Chelsi

Gift guide for men

Today I wanted to highlight the main man in my life and share a little fun fact. Christmas for us is a little different than most, simply because it’s not only a day we set aside to celebrate Jesus, even though he is the REASON, but it’s also a day to celebrate the birth of this handsome husband of mine. That’s right, Conrad’s birthday is Christmas Day for those of you who may not know, and it can make gifting a little bit challenging to try and separate the activities and shift the focus to him. He tends to actually forget as he’s gotten older. Until he’s reminded by the “birthday” wrapped gifts and of course, cake. Birthdays have always been a big deal in my family so I always want him to know how much he means to us and to me, and hope he feels the love on his special day, even if Santa is in fact on his cake. ¬†ūüėČ

With that being said, I wanted to put one last gift guide together for you while there’s still time! This one is for the men in your lives. Whether it be your husband, father, grandfather or brother, there are some good options that he will appreciate. Take a look and shop below.

Cheers to one week til Christmas!!

XO- Chelsi

Gift Guide for Kids

I can’t believe Christmas is less than two weeks away! Anyone else completely behind on shopping or is that just me? I figured I would put a few kids items together in case you needed ideas. I actually sat down with Corbin last night and he gave me a list that is apparently every four year old little boys dream. It was kind of a long one so I’m hoping he is a good boy for Santa and that Santa has plenty of back up and caffeine to get this all checked off. Haha! I’ve added a few of his picks here, along with others.

To be honest, I feel like I always struggle with this season when it comes to gifting. I would love to spoil my child absolutely rotten, but I also want him to know the true meaning of Christmas, why it is we celebrate and to have a giving spirit, instead of it being about a pile of presents. This year I started the giving manger and feel like it represents more of what this season is all about. It comes with a book detailing a specific family and their hope to share the values of giving and having a heart for others. It’s all about serving others and how even the smallest acts of kindness can bring forth a joyful heart and change someone’s day. A manger is included, as well as straw. Each day we serve others, we can add a piece of straw to the manger and eventually once it is filled with straw, we can lay baby Jesus in the manger on Christmas Day. It is our reward for service. I loved this idea because it teaches Corbin to take time for others, care about their needs and serve them when he can. To me, that is what Christmas is about. Serving and loving others like Jesus serves and loves us. You can find it here if interested.¬†

Another idea that is a way to serve others that we do each year is we find an angel tree. The tree is usually in your local mall, or that’s where you can find ours if you reside in Lubbock. I let Corbin choose two children off of the tree and we shop for them. It’s a fun tradition we’ve started and hopefully gives two kids each year a more exciting and joyful Christmas. It’s something we do together and look forward to each year.¬†

Now, on to toy ideas for kiddos. Corbin has been wanting the Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage¬†¬†that can be found at the link provided. It’s definitely a splurge item but would be a good gift if thats all you gave plus a couple very small items, books, slime, etc.

We’re also going through a Nerf gun phase that I have a feeling isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. This one is under $13.¬†

A fun gift for both boys and girls is also this cool web tree swing. It’s under $60 and has great reviews.¬†

Corbin loves tools so I thought this might be a good option for when he’s out “working” and helping his daddy. There are other options for tool sets in this tread as well. ¬†¬†and¬†

Here is also an option for those of you who have children close in age and that like to play together, no matter their gender. Love how retro this looks and it’s gender neutral!¬†

The cutest dollhouse fit for a princess. Love this Hearth and Hand dollhouse and their design and spin pretty much on everything!

Corbin also mentioned this fun mega hauler under $15 for all the hot wheels we’ve accumulated.¬†

Loved this craft table for anyone. It’s gender neutral again, and would be perfect for your littles who enjoy letting their imagination run wild.¬†¬†This table is also awesome and suitable for legos as well.¬†

A fan favorite around here if you’ve watched my stories is the hover board. Corbin started riding it by himself at 2 and he and my husband have so much fun on ours. I found an option under $200, that comes in several colors if you prefer. These things can get pricey, but this is one of the better options I’ve found and we’ve gotten our money out of ours for sure.¬†

Take me back to the good old days with the Lite Bright. These things are making a come back and are a hot seller on Amazon right now. It’s also a gift under $15, which makes it hard to say no and is suitable for several age ranges!¬†

If your child loves to build, construct and put things together, this just may be for them. $20 and entertainment for hours with Snap Circuits.

Let your little girl play dress up with this cute Disney princess dress up trunk. From Cinderella to Belle, there are four options to choose from, including accessories!

If your kids love ride on toys, this Radio Flyer Ziggle will be a hit. It also comes in pink if you prefer for your girls! Radio Flyer has several great options for riding toys for all ages. Click the link below to see the Ziggle and browse others.

We are readers at our house and Corbin chooses a story each night, so if you’re like us, a personalized children’s book could be a great choice for your littles, or even nieces and nephews. I’ve found these and they are also guaranteed by Christmas!¬†

Speaking of personalized gifts, check out these ideas from Pottery Barn. If you have a little one in daycare or even school, monogramed sleeping bags and accessories are so cute and a gift that can be used for the entire year or longer. They are also 30% off right now! Matching pj’s and backpacks are also available.¬†

Set up camp in your very own living room with this cute tent from C&B. Love the cactus theme and that it would also make a great gift for more than one child!

Loved this cute wooden bbq set as well. Corbin has had his eye on this one!

For the artist, is this cute easel that would be perfect in any space for both boy and girl. A great joint gift from Santa! 

Make learning fun with this cute map of the USA by Melissa & Doug. It’s also under $17 and a great tool for Kinder!¬†

Check out this adorable wooden workers bench for kids.

Another amazing place to shop for plush dolls for girls and even boys is They give back to kids in need by providing 10 meals per every doll purchased. Love their mission. 

Lastly, a toy store that we LOVE and have worked with previously is Rose & Rex. They have a variety of toy options and age ranges for children who love to use their imagination and even have a selection for babies. You can see more on their website here.

I hope this list of toys and ideas for Christmas is helpful for you! If you have any questions at all, feel free to send me a message on any of my social platforms or even below in the comments. Happy shopping and Merry Christmas!!!

XO- Chelsi

Holiday inspiration and 30 week bump date

Hey babes! Happy Thursday!!

I wanted to share this pretty dress and belt with y’all today in hopes it may inspire something fun and fabulous for your upcoming holiday parties. You can’t go wrong with a LBD in my opinion and this one is under $25. I also wanted to update you on baby girl’s progress. I can’t believe I’m 30 weeks pregnant. For some of y’all it may seem like I’ve been pregnant forever, but for me it feels like its flown by. Probably because we’re busier this go round with a four year old constantly on the go. I wanted to also share some of the products I’ve been using and loving this pregnancy.

It’s becoming real that we’ll get to meet our sweet little one in 10 weeks or less. Which also means I better get going on the nursery. I’ve heard the more children you have the less on top of things you are. I am definitely that mom lately. I’ve been dragging my feet on getting things together in her room but know how I want things to look. So thats a plus, right? It’s just getting it done in a timely manner, and the holidays don’t help my procrastinating mindset. I do have a couple pieces of furniture being delivered next week though and can’t wait to see them bring the room together. It will get there, maybe slowly but surely. ¬†So excited to share more once we get it done.¬†

I can say I feel pretty good overall and honestly can’t really complain about much, besides I stay up all hours of the night and sleep best if I can get a nap in during the day. I’ve been using this pregnancy pillow and used it when I was pregnant with Corbin. Love it!¬†¬†

I’ve also been using Bio oil and Kopari Coconut oil linked here to protect and prevent stretch marks and keep my skin hydrated. ¬†¬†I also love this Kopari Coconut Body Milk as well.¬†

I used One a Day Prenatal Vitamins with Corbin but found that I was so exhausted during the start of this pregnancy that I figured I would switch it up. I’ve been using Rainbow Light one a day prenatal duo and have loved them so far. You can see which ones I use here.¬†¬†They will be great for post pregnancy as well and have specific trimester prenatal vitamins too if you choose to go that route. ūüôā

¬†I eat literally everything; give me all the sweets and Chick Fil A. Still on that kick and going strong. We went to Dallas last week and I ate my body weight in nuggets, fries and a fruit cup on the drive. Wasn’t at all mad about it either but you should have seen the look on my moms face. Haha, she was a little surprised at my appetite. I’ve been snacking on pineapple lately as well and if you haven’t tried the Chick Fil A fruit cup, you totally should. I always ask them for strawberries, oranges, and blueberries and have them leave out the apples. I don’t know why but I’m not fan for whatever reason. I may have a little work to do once little Miss gets here, but until further notice, I’ve just been enjoying it! Hey, thats what Spanx are for, amIright?!¬†¬†Here they are if you want to check them out!

We also have a name, y’all!! Disclaimer: I won’t be sharing until she arrives but am so happy to have finally decided (and agreed) on a name. I had a name I LOVED but Conrad wasn’t a fan so we compromised a little. She’s like her own little person now and it makes it even sweeter! I’ve monogrammed a few things on Etsy already and will also share them once she is here.

I haven’t left food at a drive up window again, but I did show up to my ultrasound appointment a day early today. Anyone else done anything like that? I sometimes feel like I’ve completely lost my mind. Thankfully it was too early and not too late. I love getting to see our girl and tomorrow we get to see her sweet little face and that makes me so excited! Corbin gets to join me and so I know he will be happy to see her too. He recently got a little baby doll and has been feeding and caring for “Kinley” as practice for when his baby sister arrives and although Conrad may not agree, I think it’s the most precious thing. I seriously cannot wait to see him with her. He will be amazing and will have a little bestie for life! Every day we get closer the more excited we all become to meet her. I love when Conrad talks to her and seeing him with her may be my most anticipated moment next to Corbin. She is going to have her daddy wrapped around her finger and if he’s anything with her like he is with Corbin, it will melt my heart into a puddle. He’s such an amazing daddy and our kids are so blessed that he is theirs.¬†

I’ll continue to update you as we get closer to her arrival and will be revealing her nursery as soon as its complete with many links in case you’re interested. I love home decor and coming up with ideas, so I think it will turn out cute and a little different than what I’ve been seeing! Stay tuned.¬†

I’ve also linked this look for you as well. My LBD is not maternity but works with the bump and is such a great option to dress up or down. My jacket is old but I’ve linked one similar for you as well!¬†

Thank you all for reading and I hope you have a lovely rest of your day!!

XO- Chelsi

Photography by: Kimberly Correa with Stills and Ink Photography.

Gift Guide for Her

Hi All!

Are y’all like me when it comes to buying gifts? It’s like the holidays come around and along with it is the sheer panic of what to buy your favorite people? Especially when it comes to the ladies in the family. Well, it’s time to give Santa a subtle hint of what you REALLY want this year, girlfriends and I’ve made it easier to write that list. Get ready to make your loved ones feel special and thought of by gifting them with something they really will LOVE. I thought I’d put a little guide together for y’all with things, I myself have been eying, in hopes it will help and be a resource for you and it may even make it easier on your husbands or boyfriends as well! Happy Shopping!!

Dyson Hair Dryer: The holy grail of hair dryers. Pricey but I’ve heard rave reviews and that it’s 100% worth the investment.

The Parka: This amazing coat is on sale, runs TTS and comes in 4 colors. Would make an awesome gift, as I received one of these 2 Christmas’ ago and wear it to this day.

House Slippers: These are under $15 and I am loving the pom pom detail.

Wubby Pullover: Y’all, this sherpa pullover is lined and is so comfy. Snag it for under $50.

Hunter Boots: These are marked down, come in 3 colors and are the original style. I totally love and live in mine, weather permitting!

LED Makeup Mirror: This mirror is amazing, under $22 and is perfect for anyone who loves good lighting while applying makeup.

Delsey Luggage: For your favorite traveler. Amazing quality and on sale. Use the code: Friend

Rachael Ray 14 piece Pots & Pans: For the chef in the family. This deal is so good and is 30% off using the code: Friend

Bake wear: Another win for the chef in the family. 5 piece bake wear for under $28.

Monogram Necklace: The cutest acrylic necklace suitable for all the ladies in your family. Size and color options vary.

Joan of Arc Boots: The ultimate boot for snow, rain and everything in between.

Festive Coffee Mug: Spice up to your morning coffee with this cute $5 mug. Add a gift card if you wish to a favorite nail salon, coffee shop and wha-la!

Ugg Slippers: On sale and a great gift for mom!

Goodnight Macaroon OTK Boot: The ultimate OTK boot that is a snug fit and that stays in place.

Sole Society Satchel: Sleek and affordable with faux sterling detail, this bag is a great gift.

Leopard Beanie: Make a statement in this cute pom leopard beanie, under $25.

Gucci Marmont Bag: Can someone send this one to my husband? TIA! A splurge but such a good one!

Keurig Coffee & Latte Maker: Because, who doesn’t love coffee?!

T3 Curling Irons: Another splurge, but oh so worth it! Best curling wands ever! The Whirl Trio is also amazing if you prefer no clamp.

Tula Skincare: Keep the wrinkles at bay with this amazing skincare line.

Barefoot Dreams Cardigan: Made of clouds, literally. The softest cardigan you’ll ever put on your body.

Patagonia Fleece Vest: Perfect for layering and pairing with your favorite comfy boots.

Spanx Leggings: The best leggings in all the land.

Initial Candle: Everyone loves a new candle.

Erin Condren Planner: Stay organized with this amazing planner.

Leopard Card Holder: Small card holder under $17. Several color combinations available. Would be a great gift to monogram.

Quay Australia: One of my favorite lines for sunglasses.

Ancestry Kit: want to know where you’re from? Such a fun and neat gift.

I hope this list is helpful and gets your wheels turning on gifting. Another amazing gift, I know I love to receive are gift cards. To Target, Nordstrom, my favorite local boutiques, and even the grocery. It allows me to shop with ease and get what I may need or want throughout the year. Some may say its less personal, but I feel like they come in super handy and are always appreciated.

Send me any questions you have in the comments or through my social platforms.


Registry Must Haves & Pink Blush Maternity

Registry Must Haves & Pink Blush Maternity

Hello friends!

We’ve made it to the weekend and today I thought I’d share few registry must-haves with you all, as we’re nearing the arrival of our baby girl and to switch it up from all the Christmas gifting.

I am so excited to use these items, some I’ve already used with Corbin and they were a complete game changer, and others that are newly out on the market or since he was a babe.

First, I found the cutest backpack¬†on sale and think it will be amazing since it also has handles for the stroller so I feel it will be convenient for travel and everyday use. I honestly hardly used a diaper bag the first time around and I felt like I was such a disorganized mess so I figured I would give it a go this time around. I also love this option and how chic it looks.¬†Freshly Picked backpack. I also love the idea of a backpack, simply because I can still carry my handbags and not feel over loaded. Just my opinion, as I tend to carry larger handbags and with all the baby gear don’t want to look or feel weighed down. Something to think about when choosing the right diaper bag for you.

Let’s talk strollers. I have a couple that I’m loving and will be the first to tell you that travel systems are worth EVERY penny. They will save you the hassle of buying individual pieces and will guarantee you less of a headache. The carseat converted stroller I’m loving is the Doona. It is a carseat and stroller in ONE. It will be so useful, not to mention handy especially with one child in pre-k and toting around an infant during school drop-off and pick-up. Check it out¬†here. Also, here are a couple of other great travel system options that have wonderful reviews.¬†Here¬†and¬†here. I have also heard great reviews on¬†this brand¬†and¬†this¬†as well if you’re just looking to find a carseat without the stroller.

When it comes to sleeping, or there lack of, and if you’ll be nursing for the first several months, I would suggest a bassinet. We have¬†this one¬†and didn’t have it with Corbin so I’m excited to see how she likes it and will hopefully get a restful sleep, if that even exists with a newborn. Haha! It has a vibration setting and sound as well, making it a dream in my mind.¬†This Bassinet¬†also has great reviews and is under $80. I’ve also heard amazing things about the SNOO but unless that’s all your child will be sleeping in long term, I think it’s a little pricey; my opinion only. We used¬†this¬†for Corbin as a newborn and it has its perks, but I was afraid of leaving him in the sleeper so never used that part of it. They play pen was awesome though for naps as he got older and it served its purpose during those late night diaper changes. For traveling is was also wonderful, as it folds up and is easy to tear down and set up. It’s a little bit of an investment but is a good one if you’re a traveler or just want something set up in your room for those first few months.

Baby wearing. Y’all, I never really did this with Corbin, because I was too dumb to figure out the Moby wrap. Ashamed a little to admit that but I was always afraid he’d slip right through. I’ve looked into possibly getting the Solly baby wrap, as I’ve heard great things or trying¬†this one¬†out. I was recently gifted a ring sling as well from¬†Soul Slings¬†and am anxious to use it as well. I’ve heard wonderful things about this brand and am excited to review it. Stay tuned, I’ll be sharing more once our little bundle arrives.

One of our most used products when we had Corbin was our¬†Mamaroo. He literally loved it, slept in it, watched me as he got older do housework and it was a complete soothing tool for us during the teething phase. It also allowed me as a new mom to get things done for the first couple of months while he slept. I pray baby girl loves it as much as he did. Fingers crossed. It’s also an investment but We loved it, and literally took it on trips with us when we could. He sat in it until he was around 6 months or maybe a little older.¬†Here¬†is another great swing/sleeper option for under $50 that many of my friends swear by as well.

This binkie or pacifier¬†is a little pricier than what I would normally spend, but I love that it pops in and out to keep the germs at bay. We didn’t have these either before, so I’m excited to try them out. Hope this baby likes a binkie! ūüôā She has a few colors and other kinds already, but I’ve tried to steer clear of the ugly massive ones. HA! Has anyone tried these? What was your experience?

Dock A Tot, yes please!! My mama gifted this to us and it’s another item I was hoping to receive, just because everyone I know who has use it, swears by it for sleep training and in general. It has so many good reviews and comes in a variety of color options to suit your needs. It can be found¬†here.

Whether you plan on nursing or bottle feeding,¬†Dr. Brown’s¬†have been such a good choice for us in the past. They worked great for Corbin when he had a tummy ache or acid reflux so I’m hoping if baby girl has that, it will also help her. What bottles do you recommend? This is also a subject I am totally open to for any advice on, really anything I recommend is open to suggestions. Do you have a favorite brand that you like to use?

We got a new changing pad, and it’s awesome! It literally will track your babies weight and has a cool chic design plus an app that has other features. Check it out¬†here.

Lastly, monitors. We splurged and bought the¬†Owlet Baby Monitor. This monitor fits securely on your babies foot and reports your babies heart rate on an app on your phone. If your babies heart rate isn’t detected while sleeping, an alarm will alert you on your phone. It is reducing the risk of SIDS, which gives this mama peace of mind. I also like¬†this option¬†that includes a camera for over the crib. The Lollipop Cam is also neat and can be attached or wrapped around literally any surface. Another well reviewed product.

I hope this list of items was helpful if you’re an expectant mama. I am so excited to try these out and can’t wait to report back on some of the items I haven’t yet used once our sweet girl arrives.

Thank you for reading and for following along! Have a great weekend!!!





Photography by: Stills and Ink Photography

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Cyber Weekend Deals

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


I hope you all are having a lovely Thanksgiving so far and that you’ve been able to start your day by enjoying all of the fun festivities. A day full of family, food, football and fun! I always love this time of year, gathering with my family, watching the Macy’s Day Parade, and honestly being together for a few days just to unwind and relax is so nice. It’s one of my favorite holidays! The food doesn’t hurt either; well maybe my waistline, but I don’t have one of those at the moment anyways, thanks to this sweet baby girl! ūüėČ Gobble til you wobble takes on a whole new meaning this year folks!

Now, it’s time to get down to business! Talking Black Friday!! Get on your comfiest joggers, grab a latte and hit those BIG sales! The time has come to check off those must haves from your list and score some amazing deals in the meantime. I’m here to help you do that! Whether you’re the overachiever and in the 5 a.m. line awaiting the Black Friday store grand opening and braving the crowd or the taking it easy on the couch with leftover pumpkin pie in hand and a shopping online kinda gal (me), there are some great sales below you won’t want to miss, and here’s your chance to get a head start. So many early Black Friday deals await, my friends! Plus, I have to mention, by clicking my links, I’ll be able to earn a very small commission and that honestly helps keep this girl in the blogging world! It’s a win, win and you have NO idea how grateful I am to be able to do what I love! I am so thankful for you all and the kindness you show me daily! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I’m also a resource for you to find what you’re looking for and always so happy to help with anything I can to make this experience an enjoyable one, even in the chaos. Let me know if you have any questions at all or know of any amazing retailers that should be added to my list!

I hope you have a wonderful holiday and enjoy the sales happening this weekend, and that this list may be of assistance to get you started!

Check out this list of some of my favorite stores and their codes to get that extra discount at checkout!

Daniel Wellington: 50% off select styles plus an additional 15% off with the code: BLUE15 at checkout.

Old Navy: 50% off of your entire purchase.

Ulta: $10 gifts and free shipping on orders of $35 or more. Starts 5 CT online.

Nordstrom: Up to 60% off and Designer Clearance up to 40% off.

Amazon: Get all the daily deals and more.

Urban Outfitters: BOGO 50% off, discount taken at check out on lowest priced item.

Forever 21: 50% off web exclusives and 30% off sweaters, cold weather accessories starting at $3.90.

Target: Early access to online shopping for all Redcard holders.

Walmart: Online early access begins now, in store at 6 p.m.

Wayfair: Up to 80% off select styles.

Pottery Barn: 25% off site wide using the code: THANKFUL.

Shein: 60% off EVERYTHING.

Macy’s: Free shipping starting at $49 plus an additional 20% off and 15% off using code: BLKFRI in select depts. Exclusions apply.

Sephora: 50% off select items, plus gifts under $25.

T3 Micro: 25% off site wide.

Neiman Marcus: Save $50 off $200 when using the code: THANKFUL

West Elm: 30% off 3,000 or more, 25% off 1,000 or more, 20% off 500 or more, and 15% off $100 or more. Use code: SAVEMORE.

JCPenney: No code needed.

American Eagle: 40% off everything plus free shipping. Aerie included.

World Market: Get 40% off all furniture using the code: FURNDEAL plus free shipping on orders of $200 or more. Also, BOGO 50% off online.

Loft: 50% off your purchase using the code: THANKS at checkout.

Francesca’s: BOGO 70% off everything.

Shopbop: Up to 25% off full priced items, 75% off sale items using the code: MORE18.

Revolve: Up to 50% off sale items.

Express: 50% off everything plus free shipping. Exclusions apply.

A&F: 50% off entire store plus free shipping. Discount applied at checkout. Exclusions apply.

H&M: Additional 25% off sale items. Use code: 3236.

DSW: 20% off everything using the code: MADHOUSE plus a free weekender while supplies last when a $39 purchase is made. Use code: FREEBIE.

Bed, Bath & Beyond: No code needed.

Carter’s: 60% off entire site and store. No exclusions! Exclusive doorbuster up to 75% off while supplies last.

Gymboree: 50-75% off entire store.

Crazy 8: Up to 80% off entire store, plus free shipping.

Gap: 50% off everything, no exclusions with code: BLKFRIDAY then online bonus, extra 10% off using code: TREAT.

The North Face: 25% off select styles, plus free shipping and free returns.

Steve Madden: Pass members get 35% off plus 2 day shipping with code: THANKS. Non-pass members receive 25% off.

Dick’s Sporting Goods: 25% off everything Thursday and Friday ONLY.

A Pea in the Pod Maternity: Up to 40% off in-store and online.

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Favorite Fall Trends

Favorite Fall Trends

Hello, hello!

As you already know, fall is my favorite season of ALL time. It is so good for countless reasons, but one of my most favorites is fall fashion. It is my favorite season to shop for and the style in fall is always just the best.

One trend I am absolutely loving right now and was quick to jump on the bandwagon is snakeskin. Animal print is always HUGE in the fall but snakeskin just has my heart right now. Animal print and snakeskin especially is a print you’ll be seeing in handbags, booties, accessories and even sneakers this season. It’s such a nice spin and can turn a basic, everyday outfit into something a little sassy. I am all about that life y’all! I live in black, but if I can make an outfit look different with a shoe or bag, I am all over it. Shoes have always been a love and go-to for me. They are reliable, always fit and can dress up or down an outfit, depending on the occasion. They are the one thing I have a hard time resisting! Scroll through some of my favorite finds below!

Another fun trend I am loving but in my current state, can’t quite pull off, is the plaid tailored suiting/coordinating tops and bottoms and jumpers. It is so cute on so many people I’ve seen lately. I love a cute jumper dress and plaid is always a good idea in the fall. These sleek sets of pants paired with blazers is giving me so much envy because it’s such a different, yet so put together ensemble and I’m loving it! I think one of these fashion forward and on trend suit sets would be so fun for a holiday party as we begin the festivities shortly. If you’re in the market, here are some great options.

Cropped, wide leg (bellbottom) or flared denim! Y’all, do these come in maternity, because I NEED some! So cute, and a nice change from a typical skinny jean. I love the flare at the bottom and the high waist trend so much. They are perfectly paired with a skinny belt and chunky knit sweater or slim it down with a body suit and pointed toe bootie. Don’t get me wrong, every girl needs a good pair of skinnies, but these are just so fun and a great change to transform an everyday look.

SOCK booties. Need I say more?! They pair so perfectly with denim, and I love them with dresses! This feels like an ultimate fall staple. Sock booties can easily be styled dressier to wear to work or can be dressed down with a cute cardigan and some trendy denim. I just love them and they chic style they represent.

Will someone cue, “Welcome to the jungle” because CAMO is where its at right now! From sweaters to dresses, cardigans, scarves and even leggings. Camo has topped the charts in popularity! I have some camo Spanx that I (don’t judge) wear several times a week and they are complimented each time. Love them! I even like to style my camo with a cute black and white striped tee and may throw some leopard flats on to complete the look. It is effortless and such an easy print. Loving camo in utility jackets and live in the sweatshirt posted below lately! It’s $41 on sale right now and so comfy. Into all the camo vibes this fall!

One word. Sparkle. Small hints of sparkle are so big this year too. I love a sequin pencil skirt paired with a silk blouse or even an oversized sweater. So classy and elegant, yet says I’m here to party! Here are a few dresses and skirts I’m loving!

Don’t be afraid to step out of the box in color this fall and winter. Hues of burnt orange and burgundy are so pretty and timeless, but so is bright red and pops of neon. Trendy and so popular this season it will have you wanting to try something new instead of the typical muted tones to your next event. I’m seeing color in blazers, shoes and accessories, and can’t say I’m mad about it, even in lip color. Emerald green and jewel tones are also such a lovely options for holiday parties and even spicing up Christmas dinner.

As always, leather (faux leather) is a great piece for keeping warm. Moto jackets to shearling teddy coats are everywhere and being styled unpredictably. Cozy up in your favorite teddy coat paired with your go-to graphic tee and some distressed denim. Or keep it edgy with a black leather Moto and some studded booties. Either way, you cannot go wrong, friends! Keeping it chic and putting together my favorite basics are never a bad idea and work for so many occasions. I love my Blank NYC faux leather jackets that I’ve literally owned for years. They never go out of style and are investment pieces that in my opinion are so worth it and you definitely get so much use out of every fall season.

I hope this post gave you some inspiration and insight into all things fall fashion and that it will be a resource for future shopping if you’ve been eyeing something in particular. Send me any questions you may have in the comments or feel free to reach out through my social channels as well!


Happy Tuesday!


 Photography by: Kimberly Correa

Maternity Jeans: What you need to know

Maternity Jeans: What you need to know

Happy Friday!

I’m still over here thawing from being frozen the past couple of days, as winter seemed to come before fall settled in. I can’t lie, I loved it and this cozy weather just makes me so ready for the upcoming holidays. We got to use our fireplace this week, which is also a win in my book this time of year!

I wanted to talk to you all today about maternity jeans. I know many of you following may not be pregnant, but for some reason, I feel this could be a good resource for in the future. I honestly wish that there was a guide and a list of different price points before we started our family, so I thought I’d just put a little something together for y’all!

I will also be honest and say, with Corbin, I never wore maternity anything. I think I bought one designer pair and wore them some, but really just survived in all things maxi dresses and swimsuits for the duration of my pregnancy. I was also pregnant in the dead of the summer so I basically lived in the pool and drank Perrier all day, everyday.

This time around is completely opposite and I felt like I had a mini bump by 8 weeks gestation so maternity jeans weren’t far behind. I got real comfortable with the idea so much quicker than before, because I just wanted to be comfortable. Thankfully now, there are some really cute, chic and modern options for all body types. Where as before, it was all “fit” belly waist bands that always like to roll down, and the same wash and shape. So I’m pretty happy that maternity wear has evolved into what it is today. I really haven’t bought hardly any maternity sweaters or tops and maybe just own a dress or two, but this time around, I definitely invested in some jeans.

Speaking of evolved, I am loving the elastic waist bands on the sides of maternity jeans right now. I know I’ve said this before and if you’ve been following along a while you know, I will splurge on things and items I love. I bought a couple pair of maternity jeans that were over $100 and love them but also found some options recently for much less and wanted to share.

I would also suggest sizing up one size in maternity, as to accommodate your growing baby and for comfort, especially when buying a higher end brand. Here are a couple of options below that I love and a couple of the jeans I mentioned above that I invested in.

One of my favorite things about these brands is that the jeans don’t tend to sag or lose shape. I also find that the dark wash is super slimming and camouflages all the things that need to be hidden. if you’re looking to splurge a little, these are a both great option. I also lean towards more distressing than not, so both pairs I own are distressed. I wanted to give the option to of non-distressed, so they are linked above. I have worn these as non-maternity options for years as well, and they are a great product. Durable and hold up over the YEARS. Which may be why jeans are one of those staple items, I personally, tend to splurge on. Some other designer brands I would recommend are: J. Brand, AG, and Rag & Bone.

I also recently fell in love with some jeans I found at Loft. (I didn’t know they carried maternity til recently.) I saw them on one of my blogger friends and thought I’d give them a try, as I am a fan of Loft and their constant sales. So, I ended up getting my usual 26, these come with “fit” belly but are so comfy and I feel like they give as opposed to some other brands. I would suggest sticking with your usual size in this brand, just because they tend to run larger and will stretch as well. They don’t shrink too much in the dryer just mainly back to their original size, I just dry mine inside out and they are good as new. I also like that these come in several styles, and petite as well. Click the images below to be redirected to take a look.

Lastly, I wanted to share a variety of styles, that are ALL very affordable and that I think you will love if you’re in the market for some maternity jeans and maybe a pair of maternity style leggings I couldn’t resist sharing. All of these are under $50 and come in several washes and styles. I haven’t tried the Old Navy maternity line yet, but have tried the Ingrid and Isabel line at Target and have loved them. They are such a great option for a designer look for less, and fit TTS. I got a size 2 for reference in two of the jeans I bought and have room to grow. I would suggest buying your everyday size in this brand. The camp leggings, I would also suggest your true size as they have quite a bit of stretch to them as well.

I hope this post is informative and helpful for those of you soon to be mama’s or who may be planning on starting a family soon. I have loved the jeans I have purchased and they have been a lifesaver for this growing mama. Send me any questions you may have on any of my social platforms or in the comments below and I would be happy to help!

Have a great night!


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